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  1. awhile ago I kept trying to add provinces to the default map, I all was going smooth until I went above 2300. After I went above 2300 or more the game just wouldn't start and kept crashing. I have had many provinces on custom maps I've made so I don't think its a problem with how I'm making them. All help is appreciated.
  2. First off sorry for not being completely honest in the past. Most of the things I tried to make didn't end up working so I ended up abandoning them. The new project I am starting was inspired by maps like France by Arkanov after seeing it I was inspired to make a map of my home State of Michigan. At the moment I only have Wayne County and Monroe County done but I will update
  3. If what I said doesn't make sense what I mean is how when the Netherlands is a Democracy its called the Dutch Republic. I just want to know how to do this
  4. Listen I'm very sorry for the long wait, I had a lot to do and I just remembered about this
  5. Sorry for a lack of updates, I've mostly been focusing on school but I am making a province map for the mod to used in the map editor I've mainly been having problems with the image size maps have to be in AoC2, everytime I shrink the map it just gets distorted so it would be very helpful if any of you could maybe find a way to make the map size in AoC2 larger
  6. Alright I'll tell you what has been happening, It's pretty much done but I didn't want to release the files because my PC I made them on has a bad Trojan on it, so if I do end up releasing it be careful, thankfully I have them on another PC at the moment and I don't believe they contain the Trojan but just be careful because it might
  7. Im sorry to say but I haven't been working on this because of a trojan I'm dealing with called win/32unwaders, after I get my pc fixed I'll start work right away, for now I'm using my brother's pc
  8. step 1a: Look up the flag and download it step 1b: If it isn't a .png file the convert it to .png, for this I use Png Converter https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-png step 2: copy and shrink it, for this I use Simple Image Resizer http://www.simpleimageresizer.com/upload, shrink one by 68 x 44, shrink the other by 27 x 18 step 3:find the file of your civ Age of Civilizations II\game\civilizations_editor for example I'll Use 1547839950616ksqsovfa, to see if it is the one go on it and go to 1547839950616ksqsovfa_NV to see the name step 4: find the two files named 1547839950616ksqsovfa_FL and 1547839950616ksqsovfa_FLH step 5: rename your two shrunken flags as them, 27x18 1547839950616ksqsovfa_FL, 68x44 1547839950616ksqsovfa_FLH step 5: replace the flags already in there with the dowloaded ones That's It
  9. So for now this will be just discussing this monster of a map and what I should include when I make it in AoC 2, sadly I will have to shrink it a bit since it is a little too big. here is a link to the original post by Ilovethisgame2
  10. At least the borders are already on there, it was more difficult pre-drawing the borders
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