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  1. I wish we could have one, AoC 2 is definitely a good game but along with awaited features it has bugs and problems that should be fixed such as When you go to make a new scenario and then exit and don't save then try again and the game is unplayable. The leader making system how there isn't a leader death feature so leaders that are long dead can control countries and making it hard if you far say want to add all U.S presidents or if you want to add all 3 German Emperors since Frederick III only lasted a few months. In the game's calendar for making scenarios/leaders September and August are swapped. Sometimes while in a spectator game it can randomly have the same problem as mentioned in my first bug making the game unplayable. and countless more bugs that to my knowledge have been left unfixed since the game's creation. I know Lukasz said he was moving on to make more games but he can't just abandon AoC 2 in it's time of need, it has a much larger potential than it's given an update overhauling some things, adding others, and fixing long lasting bugs is more than needed although sadly I know this post probably won't change his mind.
  2. I have no idea if any of this has been said already but what is up with religions in AoC2, not in game since there is no religion feature in it although if you search through the files you can easily see that religions may have been planned to be implemented for example image files in the UI or the religions folder in 'game, my question is if they were going to be implemented like it appears they were planned to what stopped them from being implemented? And maybe if the stars align and the impossible but long awaited update begins development may they become a feature?
  3. for some reason for me nothing changed at all it's still the same even when I put the new file in and renamed it
  4. The way I do is basically go to the Governments.json file in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game". After you find that what I do is just copy an existing government but make it close to a government its based on if it is like for example if your making "Elected Monarchy" use Monarchy for your base. If you want after you can edit the assets like "MILITARY_UPKEEP: 1.04" but this never really worked for me. Usually what I do is add a new letter tag, new name, and a new color. Once your done with that you will have a basic government I don't know if there's a better way but this is the way I use I hope it helps.
  5. so I was going to continue with a little project I was working on when this came up (in the picture) I thought it was just a problem with that map editor so I tried to open a different copy of it I had and the same thing happened. It started after I downloaded a 'better' map editor thing on here awhile back but I never thought that I wouldn't be able to open any of the map editor applications i have (the same one just different copied for different projects)
  6. An easier way to resize/ convert the image type is using paint.net. That's the method I use now and it seams more efficient
  7. I've been experimenting on making civs in the civilization creater then adding into the game with a new tag like say dalm for Dalmatia. Every thing is working fine but some civs just don't appear at all or appear to be able to be added to scenarios but I can't have them as a formable nation or a union. I can't seamingly find a way to make a civ like this without something like this happening 9/10 so any advice would help a lot
  8. awhile ago I kept trying to add provinces to the default map, I all was going smooth until I went above 2300. After I went above 2300 or more the game just wouldn't start and kept crashing. I have had many provinces on custom maps I've made so I don't think its a problem with how I'm making them. All help is appreciated.
  9. First off sorry for not being completely honest in the past. Most of the things I tried to make didn't end up working so I ended up abandoning them. The new project I am starting was inspired by maps like France by Arkanov after seeing it I was inspired to make a map of my home State of Michigan. At the moment I only have Wayne County and Monroe County done but I will update
  10. you should add the provinces added in some of the later updates in EU4 like the ones in Poland, UK, Ireland, and France
  11. If what I said doesn't make sense what I mean is how when the Netherlands is a Democracy its called the Dutch Republic. I just want to know how to do this
  12. Listen I'm very sorry for the long wait, I had a lot to do and I just remembered about this
  13. Sorry for a lack of updates, I've mostly been focusing on school but I am making a province map for the mod to used in the map editor I've mainly been having problems with the image size maps have to be in AoC2, everytime I shrink the map it just gets distorted so it would be very helpful if any of you could maybe find a way to make the map size in AoC2 larger
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