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  1. Hi guys. I found some bugs in android version, they are: -Save bug: when the game have too much turns (f.e. 800+ turns), the save function doesnt work, i push on "save" but it not works, idk how fix it. -Main Menu bug: idk how and why this bug happens. I describe it: after hours and hours of new games, when i load the savegame, appears the main menu, and i'm not able to play. The "solution" is reinstall the game, losing savegame and custom scenario. -Diplomaty bug: this is similar to save bug, but with diplomacy. They are the bugs that i found and they are horrible. I dont know where Lukasz is in this time and what he's doing, but release a "half" game in december and not updating it for some months (we are in April and, after 5 months, the game had 1 only update, the fix on savegame), is disrespectful for the community. Only the marvelous community keep the game alive with the scenarios or mods, meanwhile Lukasz is totally disappears. Lukasz, if you are reading this post, i respect you, but i have bought the game for 5€ and i want a little support for the game that l love. Nothing else. Sorry for my bad english.
  2. The sound you can find, i think, in game resources.. you can replace the taxes sounds with the coin sounds in es for example When the next beta of the mod?
  3. Hi! I've tried your mod, and i think its very very fantastic (not only because i love ES, but also for the work you put) . I want to give you any suggestion, if you want: 1) please make the wallpaper less than 35Mb! The background is too heavy for the engine and make itself black (in android, idk in other device) 2) make HRE as Tribunal, with the houses of Morrowind 3) add sounds (no the music) that replacinf aoc2 default sounds (for example the click) 4) LONG LIVE TO EMPIRE
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