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  1. Gheovgos

    Where's Lukasz?

    We got his jelly, f*cking asshole.
  2. Gheovgos

    Where's Lukasz?

    We dont know. He said he get bored about this game and want to dev another game
  3. You should create Halo map 😛
  4. Of course, im trying to modify ideologies of rebels, but its hard, due to when a riot broken up, it shows only one ideology, the first government of "government.json" file that have "true" as rebels options
  5. Nobody know. Lukasz (the dev) is disappear in this time and we dont know why
  6. Gheovgos

    Tamriel Map

    I suggest you to make map bigger and make more provinves
  7. Im glad that you liked my suggestion
  8. Gheovgos

    Idea for a new mod

    It isnt a scenario, it influences all scenario Guys you find it here: I need to work on, its a poor beta.
  9. Fixed it, now diseases kill less people
  10. Thank you for your feedback. I will fix soon
  11. Hi guys. This mod changes the difficult, so the game will be harder. I changed: -days-per-turn (avarage 7 days each turn) -income of tax and production -risk of riots -cost of military upkeep -disease will kills more people and will takes more turns -Rebels will be stronger -Administration cost -[WIP] More ideology for Rebels (red army and dark army, communism and fascism) Update 1 Now diseases kill less people I think this mod needs more fix, so its a beta. I'm trying to modify game codes on Android to add new mechanics in base game. Stay tuned! Please, suggest me what add and send me your feedback, i need it. Backup your files before add this mod Governments.json Ages.json Diseases.json
  12. Australia you can do Emu War, While for South America pre-1492 or 1815, when south americans rise up against Spain In africa i suggest you to do 1440
  13. Gheovgos

    Idea for a new mod

    Ok guys, im working about. I think i release soon (1-2 days)
  14. Gheovgos

    Help me

    Post it in scenario, in this forum. If it is nice, Lukasz will see it and release it in base game
  15. Gheovgos

    Idea for a new mod

    Hi guys. I want create a new mod but i want to know if you like it. This mod will makes days slower, the income will be lower, rebeles should be stronger and it will increase risks of riots, it will be more expensive create a new army. So, the game will be very hard. What do you think about? Do you want this mod?
  16. Gheovgos

    Help me

    I dont understand.. When you click on sound the game crashes?
  17. How you did it? I want to create the same thing 😞
  18. You must need create this leader in leader editor
  19. Try to negotiate peace faster or keep any soldiers during your invasion
  20. Beacuse after fews turns, if in there provinces miss your soldiers, province turns back to owner
  21. Hi guys. Of course someone had the savegame bug, rather game doesnt save after "x" turns.. This glitch (view the screen) resolve this bug, so you can continue the bugged game. You dont need to create a city.
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