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  1. rats4final

    Things That Should Have in the Game

    Very nice ideas! The most I like is the airport one
  2. rats4final

    Scenario ideas

    Exactly include all European countries at that time
  3. rats4final

    Scenario ideas

    America's indepence war, and I mean the whole continent not just gringos
  4. rats4final


    Yeah I never thought about it until I saw your suggestion so yeah I think it will be very interesting it that is added to the game
  5. rats4final

    Correct Province and Cities names

    So as I was playing I saw that some cities have incorrect names for each scenario or even in 2018 scenario, like there is no Stalingrad in ww2 scenario or in 2018 scenario there are some provinces with just 'fokus' as its name (And yeah I know in the options you can increment the amount of cities that appear in the world map, but there's still some incorrect names) So now everyone feel free to post any incorrect name you see from your country or any country so Lukasz can see and correct them
  6. rats4final

    My suggestions

  7. rats4final


    Que tal
  8. rats4final

    How Fortnite Killed the World

    Looks like some reference to plague Inc :v
  9. It would very useful if you could coordinate attacks with your allies or vassals, I mean if you could request them to move a certain number of troops to a province and then attack
  10. rats4final

    need sum help :P

    But you can make it easy >:v
  11. rats4final

    Scenario Ideas!

    Make South America indepence from Spain scenario
  12. rats4final

    User Scenario

    Hi there if you could add me I'd like to be a monarchy and control the center of South America (Bolivia-Peru) Flag: