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    rats4final reacted to teap in how to Use port position editor?   
    how to Use port position editor?
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    rats4final got a reaction from Kerems2434 in Project: Alpha (13.316 Provinces) | v0.1.5 Update | DOWNLOAD NOW!   
    Really nice map man, you've earned my respect! I might consider to donate a bit of $$$
    I'm really excited to see the final product!
    Btw, could you show the comparison between Original Bolivia and the one from the mod?
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    rats4final reacted to Germoney The Attacker in CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ULTIMATE MAP!   
    500 Provinces
    i don't know, i think after uk and ireland i can make liberland and then other countries on europe i will start focus on south and north america when i done europe and north africa and (ALGERIA AND TUNISIA AND MORROCO) are HARDEN  to make but i guarante i will make your bolivia.
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    rats4final got a reaction from Aratzhel TV in Things That Should Have in the Game   
    Very nice ideas! 
    The most I like is the airport one
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    rats4final got a reaction from adiloyuncu3 in Flag Competition   
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    rats4final reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Map Editor - Map from Scratch   
    Go to the map editor files and open:
    And delete everything from this file and put something like that:
    0,1 2,3 Save

    And now you are able to create own map from scratch in Map Editor
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    rats4final got a reaction from Dmitry1918 in Flag Competition   
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    rats4final reacted to THEJOELOSER2215 in whyyy?   
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    rats4final reacted to Allosaurus Productions in Units in game.   
    I really like Aoc2 but I wish they had more units, Like tanks, cannons, infantry,  ships, and more.
    You wouldn't have to do much either. Just maybe change the picture into the unit.
    This would make more since of the terrain too!
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    rats4final got a reaction from Luxx in Things That Should Have in the Game   
    Very nice ideas! 
    The most I like is the airport one
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    rats4final reacted to Banana in User Scenario   
    So I am making a scenario where all of the nations are people from the AOC2 community. Mostly prominent ones. So if anyone would like to be part of this scenario just tell me what you would want your flag to look like and where you would want your capital and your ideology and any other things you want for your nation
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    rats4final reacted to ShouldIStayOrShouldIGo in Button to assimilate all states   
    Same for army conscription and buildings. It’s just so annoying to build and upgrade (3-5 times each building) building in every province, something like brush tool will be nice. When you have more than 10 provinces the building/investing/army making process becomes unbearable and prevents you from getting enjoyed
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    rats4final reacted to Gioseppe in Best way to add depth to the combat system   
    I think that the best way to improve the combat would be addition of a retreat mechanic.
    For example, if you have 2,000 units defending, and are attacked by 1,900 units, then the enemy army will be annihilated, and the defender will be almost annihilated.
    In real life, the attacker would probably attack, lose dome amount of units, and realize that they are losing, so they would retreat. So the 2,000 units would lose like 400 units, while the attackers would lose 1000. This would leave the attacked less exposed to all out conquest, while still giving the defender initiative to attack. It would also solve the issue of a country being conquered by micro-armies.
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    rats4final reacted to Infinitie in Correct Province and Cities names   
    from 1200 to 1836 istanbul needs to be Constantinople
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    rats4final reacted to Luxx in Things That Should Have in the Game   
    Some ideas  for the game
    New Buildings
    They could prevent diseases,or reduce deaths.It could costs 7000 per building?
    Fast Travel troop's through provinces(only your pronvinces).10.000 per building?
    You can Store money for the future,or make bigger loans.5.000 per building ?
    Land Mines
    Kill 15-30% of the enemy army in the built province.3.000 per mine(have a chance of 30% to kill your troops too in the province)
    New Troops
    he could pass through 3 provinces,and deploy 50 troops per plane.dont know the price per troop
    Destroy 65-85% of the enemy army in the desired province.has a radius of 10 provinces...10.000 per bomb?
    Show all the troops in the province he is(even with castles){and if it is on the capital it shows all the troops from the country?overpower}8.000 per spy?
    New Mechanics
    Economic alliances
    Well..Divides the gains by country?
    Change the flag of the country
    You can export images from your computer,dont know the necessary resolution
    I dont know if some one already have thinked about all that things..
    By Luxx (Where's the Workshop?) 
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    rats4final reacted to SLiCK_Mx in Vassals should not be able to reject its Lord's peace offers when at war   
    As long as a state is your vassal, I think it is only logical that the vassal complies with all your demands. Vassals must remain vassals. This is quite irritating as well since my vassals keep rejecting my peace offers when I'm at war; to the point where I just stopped calling my vassals to war altogether.
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    rats4final reacted to Lonathan in Scenario ideas   
    OK I'll get working on it as soon as possible thanks for the suggestion 👍
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    rats4final reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Footage of 17 units stationed in a base   
    Footage of 17 units stationed in a base after being recruited (2018 colorised)

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    rats4final reacted to THEJOELOSER2215 in Suggestion: Make Workshop For Android and iOS to import Scenarios   
    There needs to be an update where you can import Scenarios from the internet to android 
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    rats4final reacted to Cilantro in Disasters   
    My suggestion is disasters:
    Things like earthquakes, tsunamis, etc...
    They don't necessarily have to be natural either. Maybe you can send air raids to different countries?
    What do you guys think?
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    rats4final reacted to Shehab666 in Stronger Rebels, Lower Assimilation.   
    Imagine Countrywide Revolutions, in Colonies and Conquered Lands, That End up creating either vassals if you win or a new country if you lose?
    before you tell me "it's already in the game!" I know, I'm not as dumb as I look, but seriously, rebels are weak and don't create anything stable, the only time I lost to rebels was a tiny revolution in Florence, it created the country of Florence back but, maybe there could be civil wars, and assimilation is also very strong, it can wipe out a whole ethnic majority if you focus on it, Personally I think assimilating a province should be not converting the locals (OK fine i know this was hard on you Lukas.) or just a little bit of converting, but most of the conversion of locals happens through time, and only stabilizing a province, armies on a province could do the same thing with unrest instead of you crushing rebellions before they even start, and if you win, instead of re-annexing that land it should be a vassal, like maybe instead of be winning a Granadian rebellion then they would become a vassal, that is on the same level with your name similar to Eu 4 (Castilian Granada) and this opens up a whole new area that I think deserves a post of itself, but anyways rebellions could also happen in colonies, like that 50% neutral population could form a new civilization, now this part i thing Lukas can do, colonial independent civilizations like maybe New Something depending on their name, once again this deserves a post of its own, and now for my main point, rebellions should be harder to beat, maybe they could be like i said civil wars to change the ideology and if they win it wouldn't be game over, you'd continue as the other ideology and can't change it for a while maybe, this could be extended further as you can try to change the ideology before the time limit and you have to fight your own civil war.
    Again all of these are suggestions they don't necessarily need to be added as these would make the game more complex that it's original shape but this is my first chance to be part of an effective and supportive community so I'll try to give as much suggestions as I can.
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    rats4final reacted to DragosRS in Multiplayer and how it should work   
    I think that adding multiplayer to the game would make the game age better and it would bring more people to it(I've already convinced 3 of my friends to buy the game after mp is added)
    As for how it works: *Everyone can create a lobby up to 8 or 10 players and at the start everyone has 30 secs to choose their civ and the scenario was decided by the lobby maker so they have to choose their civs like you wouls choose in in singleplayer but if a civ is chosen you have to choose someone else. P. S. You can see the civs of all players and the civs that are unpicked will be A. I.  *Make it so that every 10 or 5 seconds a turn passes so that the players get income faster while still having time to take care of the military, economy etc *The winning condition is either by an alliance(alliance with the strongest members wins when the 30, 45, 60 mins timer runs out) or if you are the strongest civ by the end. P. S. Lobby leader decides how long the match will be while creating it and he chooses if the win condition is by the strongest player or alliance.  *There will be an accept/decline system for alliances, trades, etc like in sg *Hope you like my suggestions and put them to good use Mr. Lukasz
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