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    rats4final reacted to SnowHalation1 in Ideology stuff and others   
    1. I don't know if it's already in the game. Ability to change other country's ideology in peace deals
    2. Ability to stage ideological civil wars in another country.
    3. A chart of ideology support for each country, like hoi4
    4. When the most supported ideology isn't the country's ideology, stability will decrease
    5. Customizable ideology
     6. Ability to support another country in war, not directly intervene
    7. Please add navy. It's important.
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    rats4final reacted to Shehab666 in Improve Peace Deals   
    Spain includes the Netherlands so, please surrender on trying. I agree, the war score isn't usually fair, they should make it like hoi4, where you can pass your turn to earn more warscore.
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    rats4final reacted to ($Jake$) in Flag Competition   
    Step aside, amateurs

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    Que tal
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    rats4final got a reaction from Zyschie in Scenario Ideas!   
    Make South America indepence from Spain scenario
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    rats4final reacted to Chexier in AI accepting trade request to declare war on any civ for only 100 gold   
    When I send a trade request to the AI to make them declare war on another civ, they always accept it for 100 gold, even if that means they are going killing themselves. Fix this Lukasz.
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    rats4final reacted to Lativ in Some suggestions   
    Hi Łukasz, I love the game so far, but there are some things I think should be added to make it even better :)
    Also, happy New Year
    Here are my propositons:
    1. A new type of building: Hospital.
    Many people (including me) want to have an option to cure diseases. I propose a solution as the new building: hospital. It would have 3 levels
    lev 1- 30% of people in a province aren't touched by disease
    lev 2- 50% of people in a province aren't touched by disease
    lev 3- 85% of people in a province aren't touched by disease
    2. A new diplomacy option: mediation
    You send a peace offer to countries at war (not your allies or enemies). It's realistic and quite useful.
    3. Recruting in conquered provinces
    It is irritating when you attack some large country, you get rid of troops, and the nearest core province is far away. So I propose to make recruting in conquered provinces a thing, like Germany did in real life in USSR. BUT:
    1. You could recruit only 25% of normal recruitable population
    2. A cost of recruitment would be 1,5x higher
    4. Stop with countries randomly insulting me
    Or make it less often.
    Some true story: I want to offer alliance to some civ. So I improve relations with them. In 2 turns they would agree. What happenned next? This country sent me an insult and everything went to shit. 
    At least don't make my allies, vassals or countries with very good relations (75+ i'd say) insult me.
    5. Make vassals more... vassalised
    The only thing that makes vassals vassals in AoC2 is paying money to their lord and having an alliance with them. Today I played as Nazi Germany. I had Poland as vassal. After some turns it declared war to USRR and I had to save it, which costed me much effort. I'd love to see a mechanic that vassal first must ask its lord to do any diplomatic option. It would add realism as well.
    What do you think?
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