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  1. thanks for video lol

  2. Hi, do you have twitter, instagram, telegram, discord etc? or
  3. hey are u alive ?

    Again GIF by memecandy

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    2. Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      ok xd I am Speak Spanish and English

    3. davidtjk


      there channel name forret the mapper he will do!

    4. Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      ok, I'll send you the map link, because I don't know why it is blocked when downloading

  4. nope but Android mod or root (risky)
  5. hey are you alive 😞 can you take timeplease of my secnario hey? 

    1. GyLala


      is works will soon

    2. Shiite


      The fact this begging actually worked KEK 

    3. davidtjk
  6. gylala i you alive can you make my scenario timeplease here is link  http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=18690  Thanks 🙂

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    2. Forret


      Dear GyLala, first of all I'm honoured to talk to you. 

      The problem is with civilizations creater, if add too many civilizations, it won't work

    3. davidtjk




    4. davidtjk


      i am right now working on project  ones it done i will upload it again

  7. gylala i did make scenario about companies controls states of usa  name is Comquerors can you do timeplease of my scenario plsv

    1. davidtjk


      yes or no sorry for i dont tell from discord 

    2. GyLala


      Link? I don't see

  8. GyLala

    AOC2 PC still Alive?

    @Łukasz Jakowski *poke*
  9. do you have Twitter and Discord? send me
  10. Changed link Google Drive to MEGA.NZ (idk why Copyright DMCA Violation) wtf
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