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  1. You are doing a really nice work man! Do continue like this, lot of Elder Scrolls' fan are going to love it! Lukasz with AoC II made such a great community
  2. Alongi


    Sarebbe di sicuro molto più realistico, come fa Sergio Mattarella, con 139 anni nel mio scenario di AoC II nell'anno 2080 a governare l'Italia?
  3. If you do a Timeline when you save the game and do "Surrender", wouldn't be better?
  4. Hello guys! In this video I will show you how Luxembourg can be a great power nation!
  5. Currently there isn't a way to add a custom scenario in the Android version!
  6. Which mod are you talking about? And which files you want to open?
  7. Alongi

    Event dont start

    Maybe with a screenshot we can help you in a better way!
  8. Actually you can't share any content with the Android version of the game, it can change with future updates!
  9. Hallo Leute! Ich komme aus Italien aber ich wohne hier in Deutschland seit ein halb Jahre!
  10. Alongi


    Ciao ragazzi! Se volete giocare a un scenario Made in Italy cliccate qui per le info!
  11. Hello guys! I have a problem that annoy me during I play AoC II, if I zoom the map game change color.
  12. 💚REGIONS OF ITALY❤️ ------------ SCENARIO ------------ Hello guys! This is the first time I write a post on this forum, this is my first scenario I´ve made. I created all the flags and names, then tried to put them in to a original position and added different levels of technology each regions, seems pretty good! DOWNLOAD LINK: CLICK HERE Have fun!
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