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  1. Join the discord server, then! We really need some people who do something!
    1. Dave ☢
    2. Dave ☢

      Dave ☢

      I use it to share stuff with the other developers. They have access to that account, and not my private one.

    3. Hydra
  2. Currently Busy creating flag overlays, scenarios and events.

  3. I love shitposting.

  4. If you'd like to translate the mod to your own language, feel free to join the discord server, where i can show you what to do, and how, because bundles.properties won't be enough.
  5. It will be released at version So there will be a lot of features missing.
  6. Yes, but again, it will not be present in
  7. Yes. But It's gonna be hard to make. (Interface, coding, etc.)
  8. Don't be dissapointed, maybe he'll continue it. Wait. Yeah, We're working on it, hang on. I'll release Version for you guys. Nobody's gonna wait 'till
  9. I'll be straight. Before all of you start booing at me, for not finishing it, just do it.

    After i started creating the mod, i broke my leg.

    After that, the hard-drive of my PC stopped working.

    I was not going to make the mod on my laptop.

    Do i still want to finsih it?

    Of course.

    It's just that i couldn't write to anyone about it.

    Then i realized, that i could've had discord on my phone, but whatever.

    i got to version Before the hard rive crashed. I've already re-created some of the stuff i made.

    like, ~70%


    I'm back.

    And I'm gonna finish this.



    1. Dave ☢

      Dave ☢


      I'm back.

      And I'm gonna finish this

      Note to self:

      -Stop being so dramatic you lil' Nerd

  10. Why did updates about the mod stop.

    Even if you don't plan on competing it, please release an alpha of the mod. At the very least we would get to play the scenarios which you have created like we with events.

  11. I'm planning on creating an installer wizard for the mod, so you don't have to install it manually. I don't promise everything about this, but i hope i will be able to do it. I have officialy created version, and now, i'm going to add some things much faster, to make the developement of the game faster. Remember, that it will be released at, but there will be scrap versions, so some will be cut out of the mod.
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