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  1. I'll be straight. Before all of you start booing at me, for not finishing it, just do it.

    After i started creating the mod, i broke my leg.

    After that, the hard-drive of my PC stopped working.

    I was not going to make the mod on my laptop.

    Do i still want to finsih it?

    Of course.

    It's just that i couldn't write to anyone about it.

    Then i realized, that i could've had discord on my phone, but whatever.

    i got to version Before the hard rive crashed. I've already re-created some of the stuff i made.

    like, ~70%


    I'm back.

    And I'm gonna finish this.



    1. Dave ☢

      Dave ☢


      I'm back.

      And I'm gonna finish this

      Note to self:

      -Stop being so dramatic you lil' Nerd

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