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  1. I'm planning on creating an installer wizard for the mod, so you don't have to install it manually. I don't promise everything about this, but i hope i will be able to do it. I have officialy created version, and now, i'm going to add some things much faster, to make the developement of the game faster. Remember, that it will be released at, but there will be scrap versions, so some will be cut out of the mod.
  2. Yep, we are working, and we have decompressed the game. So not long from now, update will be released!
  3. Awesome, you can hit us up on discord then! Link is at the end of the forum.
  4. Yes, I'm planning on adding rivers such as the Dnjepr, Danubis, Tisza and such.
  5. 2nd polls have been closed.
  6. I'm making right now.
  7. Sounds Awesome, YOu have discord or something i can hit you up on?
  8. U blocked friendrequests, bro 😄
  9. That would be awesome! Where can i hit you up?
  10. I've added Polish and Turkish to the language list in the multi choice poll.
  11. Hi guys! I'm making AOCII:UO at the moment, and i thought that i'm gonna release a separate hungarian music bundle for Hungarian people. If you're not from this central european country, i still recommend waiting for this bundle. It will be released when AOCII:UO will be released to the public. Music list as of now: -Bajtárs -Hungarian National Anthem -Kommunista Nép -Szarajevói induló -Magyar Tánc (Hungarian Dance) [There's more to come, i just got the idea and thought that i'd make a topic for it!]
  12. These Polls will be closed if they reach 150 voters. If they don't, the poll will close on the 10th of May, 2019
  13. Gonna add that a little bit later, i've got a turkish friend who is willing to help me.
  14. Gonna add that a little bit later, i've got a turkish friend who is willing to help me.
  15. Just for the people that misunderstand. I don't mean to hate anything/anyone by this statement. I just wanted to say, that this mod will add some tweakings to the game. But, i will not write that there, cuz' it looks stupid. So i'm just gonna clarify this here and nowhere else. Love you Guys! Mod's on the way! -David
  16. I currenly Don't have anyone that could translate English to Italian for me. But as time goes, maybe i'll find someone who is suitable for it.
  17. It won't be so long. I'm just busy with school and stuff. But it'll come out!
  18. Maybe i'll release an alpha version if it's finished.
  19. Next week is gonna be completely free for me. No school or any of that stuff, yo i can work on Ultimate Overhaul as long as i want. (And maybe play some Hearts of Iron IV inbetween)

  20. I'm still working on the mod, it will be released on version and that will take around 2 to 3 weeks to complete if i grind the whole time. And if it's done, this page will have a link to a Mediafire download.
  21. I'm planning on releasing a PC release first as an installer and then an installer for android.
  22. Polls have been closed after the 109th vote. I'll create everything just how you voted me to. Thanks for the people who have voted. (Hi, Łukasz!)
  23. Nice idea, i'll think about it
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