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  1. They're not in my alliance but ill try. I've declared war on them multiple times but it doesn't work.
  2. I tried instigating rebels in the USA and seeing if they could take over a chunk of land. I supported them and tried to be their ally and help them. I was in a war at the time against the USA New Zealand and some random island. I don't know if I had tried to make them my vassel or something but now I can't make peace with any of these countries no matter what. It says that the rebels are part of the peace deal but since they have 0/0 provinces they don't exist. I can't make peace when them ever so now I can't have any allies. It doesn't even say that the rebels or the other country denied my p
  3. I had supported a few rebel activities in a different country and after they were crushed that country and a few others went to war with me. I defeated 1 of them and the others just don't attack me. I'm not able to make peace with these countries or take the land from the one I took over. I think its because it says that the rebels are part of the deal but they don't exist. (0/0 provinces). How do i make peace so I can not be at war anymore?
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