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  1. Macio

    Favorite Scenarios

    What are your favorite scenarios?
  2. Macio

    1066 (upgrade 2)

    recommended game settings?
  3. did anyone already found the fix to 0 reationship after lots of turns?
  4. Macio

    Game is broken - All relationship reset to 0

    youll get used to it after 20 times
  5. Macio

    900 AD Scenario

    how many civs?
  6. Macio


    What is your favorite scenario
  7. chexier is it normal to nato declare war on almost every country?
  8. Macio

    0 opinion

    in the original scenario i get the bug where every relation with all countries get stuck at zero after 5000 turns but somehow i tested it on modern world improved by chexier and it's not happening
  9. Macio

    Bug with relation

    it also happens to me, after 5000 turns when i insult or declare war on somebody every relation will go to 0 and not change but do you get this everytime you start a game?
  10. Macio

    How much i need to buy a province ???

    i once tried to buy 1 province from iceland but they didnt accept my 12 milion
  11. Macio

    Age of Elder Scrolls

    playing as thalmor nice