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  1. You cant download Maps on mobile only on computer I think so
  2. so download this file, then go to Age of civilization 2 folder ,then go to map, then earth and then scenario and put this file there You download it right next to the headline That is all (But if you play on your mobile it won't work, it's just on your computer)
  3. in 1991 there was still Czechoslovakia
  4. This is Yugoslav War 1550939661374jmaunzbw.rar
  5. No problem worldwar2.rar
  6. When you see some problems tell me please.
  7. 1920, 1950 and Doomsday 1945 I was inspired by Windows XP Mapping I don't have an alliance in 1920 and doomsday 1945 1950europe.rar <---1950 Europe scenario 1552758225743zghtgevh.rar <----Doomsday 1945 scenario worldwar21.rar<-----1920 scenario
  8. yes i want czech section bcs im from czech
  9. Korean War I was inspired by Windows XP Mapping 1553345695444tfkizvso.rar I made some changes in the states that fought there.
  10. why do you have germany in korean war ,when not fighting there?
  11. Vietnam War 1553281801806obsvnqqh.rar I was inspired by Windows XP Mapping
  12. ok i was creating this from scenario victorian era
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