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  1. Ok so i know this should be in Help but since Help is corrupted by ads im going to ask here Ok so when i extract the --- i use mtmanager to find the civilizations_editor folder The problem is that in the folder theres only two civs that i didnt made and not a single one of mine Am i doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated. 
  2. Jocrr

    Android help

    So if i want to change a flag of a CUSTOM civilization So i use ApkExtractor and MTManager to access the civilizations_editor folder The problem is theres only two custom civs that i didnt make Not a trace of any that i made Am i doing something wrong?
  3. Oh, well. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Oh ok my bad probably mixed it up with some other year
  5. Isn't yugoslavia supposed to be broken? Or is that some othet year
  6. Once cancer or any other disease appears it looks like you can only wait and assimilate... But, is there a way you can just stop it?
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