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    For creating scenarios by phones, you can use the backup function of your phone. Then, use 7zip to open the backup file and extract your scenarios file
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    Jocrr reacted to Augustan419 in Android Limitations   
    Indeed, Lukasz should have added access to the directory folder in the internal storage before release. The problem is that AOC2 for Android is a direct port from PC meaning that the folders are hidden which is kind of a fuck you to the people who supported Lukasz, the mobile users. You'd have to root it to be able to mod it but people like me that have devices which don't have support for Custom Recovery or Root will just need to hopeful that Lukasz programs it in. I doubt it is hard as well because Minecraft Pocket Edition had directory folders since 2011 when Mojang was still a small indie studio.
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    Jocrr reacted to AgerioPH in Age of civilization 2 android:How to add leader and flag images   
    Hello im gonna show you how to add leader and flag images on android this thing is bit complicated in my opinion soo 
     ^^ for leader image 
    ^^ and flag images
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    now the ocean is full of oil
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    Now looks like AoC3 😛
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    i don't think you can
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