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  1. Why does Russia get a random province back every time I occupy all of the country
  2. You cant. You just gotta be creative... I made the Coat of Arms of both Hungary (doesnt look hard but its torture) and of Ukraine and PLC. Maybe if you downloaded it legit and not from, well, @Pt0¡d3 (I think that shouldnt get taken out) like I did lol
  3. World if II Rákoczi Ferenc succeeded World if the Ottomans never came/Byzantium never fell World if France beat Prussia 1700 World if the 7th crusade succeeded World if France and Britian were actually fucking competent and helped Poland in 1939
  4. Flag would be Hungarian and Polish in one with the coats of arms of both nations on their sides, territory would be Great Hungary and Poland
  5. Well, only spmetimes they dont accept peace treaties... To be percise they dont even accept if the enemy has even the smallest most worthless island
  6. All you can do is give it a complete makeover so it is a completly different civ.
  7. No, you cant do anything. Its just for showing off or something. What I always do in Moder day is make the Alliance "EU" and also the Holy Roman Empire with EU borders and only when your country is in control of the HRE then you can kick other countries. This isnt coded into the game so you need to control yourself for that
  8. How do I set the Goverment of a formable civilization, f. Ex. Bulgaria forms the Tsardom of Bulgaria but its a deomcracy
  9. I set the game language to hungarian but I dont have the full alphabet. á, é, í, ó, ö, ő, ú, ü, ű are missing
  10. How. Do. I. Do. This. On. My. Tablet?
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