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  1. Now lets get some random features from suggestions. Examples like Religion and More economical stuff idk.
  2. Unfortunately the "Holy Romanian Empire" doesn't exist. I wish there was a Holy Romanian Empire though. (I'm Romanian btw)
  3. Okay, so I want to copy the Modern World scenario so I can tinker with the copy while still having the original one. Anyone have an idea on how to do this? I tried literally just copying the modernworld file and that didn't work. Please Help.
  4. spam farms in that province. I remember playing as a nation and I had 2 very population depleted provinces (including my capital). So I raised goods and maxed out farms in those 2 provinces.
  5. wAiT wHaT? I don't really understand how multiplayer would work though.. Would you be able to join a lobby or something that is using a certain scenario? Would it start the game on that scenario if the lobby reached a certain amount of players waiting? But how many players? (would be nice if every nation could be a player except that would take hell of a long time for all of the players to join.) What you could do if your planning to make it roughly 3-15 players is if a player leaves the game A: An ally gains lordship over the whole nation as a vassal or it could just be a union or B: The pl
  6. I would suggest you just make a civilization named "Holy Roman Empire"(If there isn't already a Holy Roman Empire civ) and give it the same Flag. It would make things more simple. I literally don't understand the Holy Roman Empire thing in the scenario settings...
  7. Interesting Idea. If there are enough events this could actually feel like a campaign.
  8. You can cringe but you can't not play this (at least when I publish it). Anyways this is literally random, I plastered random civilizations around the regular world map and you might probably see that from the photos. Might be a few memes here and there. Currently Finalizing I'll publish it when I figure out how to publish it and when I'm done finalizing it. Umm I guess that's it? I'll also start working on an alternate future WW3 scenario thing that I was thinking about on my 3 week vacation to Europe that I got back from 2 weeks ago.
  9. We need this released, it is magical
  10. Shouldn't most of French Africa be part of Vichy France and the rest Free France?
  11. Workshop isn't coming. The lead dev recently ditched the game. I hope you can get this released soon!
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