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  1. Yes but ethnically they are the same, egyptians
  2. no worries guys, we don't want unfinished stuff... I mean, more of it
  3. wow really an awesome update. Just a question, What's in the nile in the ethnic wars? Copts and egyptians are the same independently from their religion
  4. For thoose who do not know, apparently the original idea of thi disease is @Souliousery
  5. I firstly wanted to give a try to your mod because I give an opportunity to everything people make so the community keeps alive but since you are stupid and think animals needs humans to survive i asked for your ""addin"" in a discord server and you know what's it? You just made a copy of your game with all the scenarios and maps you had from the comunity and released it as yours. You are the only hated user of the entire forum.
  6. Nice, that way I can do a realistic growth rate. Is there any nomenclator or census or similar you can give me? I don't know any swiss language. A link to the website to download it is enough
  7. @Suzema that's a great idea though. By the way, you can make it yourself, there are some posts about how to do it in this forum 😉
  8. No limit. But the background of the editor must be the same size the background you put in the game
  9. Can I translate the mod to a language not inclouded to the game? I don't know if it is possible, I guess yes but i'll have to translate the entire game, right?
  10. Nothing shoul be in the center and in the bottom should be "A post made by a Turk nationalist in turkish thinking everyone will understand" then BINGO!
  11. this is a good idea but you must know how many provinces there will be to name them all correctly and use the same background. You can try but most people can't run custom maps for some reason...
  12. That's in fact not the problem. With so many provinces you can do historical boarders very well. the problem is: the map is round, how will you connect russia and alaska?
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