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  1. it's probably because it bothers turks, and that's what they are looking for. Still most europeans don't use that word, maybe balkans
  2. I tant! Tothom parlarà anglès per a que tu ens entenguis, estimat. Si dues persones tenen sa llengua però saben anglès perquè haurien de fer-la servir? Gent com tu fa del mon un lloc pitjor
  3. yes you can, copy the background and the provinces to the map editor but you will have to unite the two halves of the background
  4. Serbia has districts but maybe they are too big for your map
  5. what program do you use? Instead of sharing the exported file, you can share just the save
  6. does this overwrite the original scenario?
  7. don't force yourself, this map is great, keep it calmly 😉
  8. looks absolutely great but this is probably a private work, never seen this in this forum
  9. No, in big alliances there is allways some ally rejecting the peace teraty and it's horrible when that happens
  10. Ànex i Rux


    If you change a province name you will need to reset scales so better replacing the scales so they generate automatically again
  11. a pop up is an emerging window so i suppose if enabled a pop-up announcing the event will apear
  12. it's google ad service, they are publicity. Lukasz added them to take some monetary benefit from this forum
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