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  1. looks absolutely great but this is probably a private work, never seen this in this forum
  2. No, in big alliances there is allways some ally rejecting the peace teraty and it's horrible when that happens
  3. I think it's enough since it reached Mosul
  4. Ànex i Rux


    If you change a province name you will need to reset scales so better replacing the scales so they generate automatically again
  5. a pop up is an emerging window so i suppose if enabled a pop-up announcing the event will apear
  6. it's google ad service, they are publicity. Lukasz added them to take some monetary benefit from this forum
  7. So, how would you define your mod in one line? a mod about an alternative future?
  8. Ànex i Rux


    I think it may help this: Rename your 228 province as 204 in all folders with province files. paste this to your scenarios folder:testScenario Replace your scales folder by this one: scales.zip Remember to unzip them. Tell me if it works
  9. Ànex i Rux


    Not really, he can rename the last province as 204 so there will be no holes
  10. I have some Ideas: The main reason world war II to never happen would be Verssalles Teraty being fair. we all can devolop this Idea to make it realistic Poland was still a big objective for the USSR so it would probably be annexed in some point anyway (lol)
  11. Ànex i Rux

    Roma Invicta

    I can translate them (if needed) to Spanish
  12. Not actually, looks like many people can pick. if you to http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/ourpicks/ you can see under each pick the text PICKED BY Łukasz Jakowski, August 5 But very few from the nine pages of picks are picked by lukasz, there are a lot of users picking
  13. ah, nope, game will crash with new maps in some people. did you try using the same background that you used in the map editor? if it still crashes there is no fix, sorry. There are tons of people with the same problem
  14. You take a satellite map (in large resolution) and you have two options: edit it so it becomes more flat with photoshop or you can use an image manipulation program (more professional). with the second option I can explain you further how (you must tell me which you use)
  15. All of my provinces has content bur I checked and looks different to thoose in the in-game earth map. Should my province file look like this? 1880,1880,1878,1875,1873,1872,1871,1870,1868,1867,1863,1859,1857,1857,1854[...] It's the only thing that remotely comes to my mind 😕
  16. this usually happens just once. You should be able to load the game correctly after another try
  17. not really but some people have very unique bugs xd
  18. you probably won't. No one knows how to solve games that crash while loading a new map. It happened to many more people too
  19. Well, this is a good point but why would they do an entire discord server and promise so many things if it wasn't even a thing? He probably dedicates some time when he feels like and that's probably why he takes so much time. At the end of the day doing this is a hobby (and that's why most mods are abandoned)
  20. Finally, an actually good AoC1 earth map lol
  21. Yet another topic about how does the forum works lol Lukasz updated the forum with some ads and a new feature: picks. But who and why is able to pick topics? Some posts are picked by Lukasz itself and some are picked by profiles with no content (probably other moderators) but there are some users such as despotmilan that do not seem to have any relation with Lukasz and are picking all their own topics. In the case of Despotmilan, he even has two topics about how excited he is for lukasz visiting his profile and even thoose are picked by himself. There are more users that seem to be able topick their topics too. I thought it may be normal but I haven't seen the option to pick any topic either mine or not. So how do picks work? You can also share your opinion about this new feature
  22. I mean, I think he visited most of us lol I am pretty sure he visited every user with some reputation
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