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    Game crashes

    Load it on x4. If it crashes then x3. If it does not work you will have to play the game on minimum scale. I recommend in province settings disabling boarders if it crashes in map scales other than 1
  2. I don't think modders can add thoose features since the source code is closed
  3. Do you accept changes on the map as suggestions? (like extra provinces)
  4. It's a bug of the game itself. Press V for unabling the names if they bother you
  5. Here I come with an advice. Use omniatlas.com for your scenarios, it is the most accurate historical atlas and unlike gecron it was not made for political purposes ;). This looks amazing. 😉
  6. pretty sure that's an outbreak. You can rise the chance to per example 30% instead of 0,01% and set the beginning and en years the same, a very high expansion rate and then you got it, a world pandemic. Never tried that but i guess it would work. Of course it wouldn't be an in-game event for a scenario but a script for the entire game
  7. It is not in the english version of the game. There is a bug in the translations that relates the tag of Wallonia with the "all" tag in the civilizations menu
  8. I would like to express a political contradition of the modern day scenario: Northern Cyprus is a political entity that controls the northern part of the Cyprus island wich is not recognized as a country for any other country but one. This entity appears in the scenario. There are at least six other Entities in the same situation: South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh, Transdnistria, Somaliland and Western Sahara. Only the last one appears on the scenario. You should be objective and choose one of thoose options: add all entities without dependance on any state to the scenario or use the UN as source and remove them all. If you choose the second option you should also add crimea to Ukraine since, even if Russia is the country that controls the peninsula, it is recognized as part of Ukraine by the UN. There are also zones of the world that do not claim to be independent but the central government is unable to exercise any control over the territory. Thoose zones work, for that reason, as an independent country even if they do not claim to be independent. The zones are: The Gaza strip (Palestine), Zapatista municipalities (Mexico), Galmudug (Somalia), Puntland (Somalia), South Kurdistan (Iraq), Rojava (Syria) and Wa (Myanmar). You can choose to add them or not, no one will get angry if you don't but it would bee cool for a challenge idk. You can take this comment as a suggestion if you want but I think you should think about it. (In my opinion you should add them all because they are all independent countries BUT it may hurt some people)
  9. And this produces at least three bugs.: 1. AI will never colonize the province by sea 2. Will only be conquered from a speciphic sorrounding province. it wont be conquered from any other 3. Can't play age of civilizations game mode
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  11. that's a very good question, but there is too many people (me inclouded) who gets the game crashing at ~50% when loading the map and no one has been able to help us. It has been like this since the beggining
  12. wich miss? I think it just does not work for some people
  13. Ànex i Rux


    Would be great but you probably will break your head, GL
  14. @Suzema where do you get data for maps? This is the best webpage of history atlas: omniatlas.com There is nothing about middle ages but you can find everything about Europe from 1815 to nowadays and from 6AD to 194AD. EVERYTHING MAPPED It is in constant work in progress
  15. I see, xd gotta update the game, did not expect any
  16. Wich europe map? hehe send link to forum
  17. thoose are climate zones, not terrain types tho so you have to combine this map with a terrain map
  18. No t'amoïnis gaire, deixant-los de costat la resta de la comunitat (si té mes de 12 anys) es força maca hehe
  19. and how did his post suddently disappear? Hmmmmmmmmmm So sad the only update in a year resulted on this
  20. You have instructions in the editor itself. In the upper left corner it will change the numbers when you press the left or right arrows. You choose wich you want, click the province to edit and press enter or Space
  21. Gall projection but Miller would work too in the game
  22. Aren't there smaller administrative regions? In my country almost every village with over 30 inhabitants has it's own territory lmao, except if it was created recently
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