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  1. Hey wth now i'm a Duke lol
  2. puedes crearlo tu en el editor del mapa hay una opcion de formable civilizations
  3. Then it's not fun. If I can get it you should be able to get it. Unless... #Link3
  4. don't posts of deleted accounts disappear? I also follow him since AoC1, i got the game on 2015/6 when africa version came out and I loved the game. Then he announced he would release the second verson at the end of 2017, he did not and then the "when it's ready" meme came out. But everyone pressured him to fcking release the game wich was unfinished and so did and that's what we got. Anyway there are no visibleintentions of fixes. But Lukasz is opaque so I have faith on a future update or the release of the source code.
  5. *cough of unrealisticly loud proportions of noise* @memososisi *cough of unrealisticly loud proportions of noise*
  6. don't worry, you really don't have to, it's another matter to be discussed elsewhere 😉 My doubt persists, maybe someone knows, or even we can construct a theory xd
  7. well, he is weird on his acts, but everything has a reason. Lukasz is so opaque it's hard to know him. I like thinking he does something (he defenitely moderates this)
  8. I'm also from 2018 and yes, he abandoned the game but he is still interested in this community he himself created, he really enters the forum regularly. I think he is just not motivated to keep working on the game but he really loves, the game and everything this has created. We have been insisting for some fixes so long, i don't understand why he did not solve at least the simplest ones like rebel bugs but he really keeps this running. It's like it does not fit tho
  9. true, and that's a lot of users tho. How beautiful lukasz takes care of every single user of this forum, visits them, judges them and qualifies them with an attribute. There has to be something, it's a lot of work doing that even for a mother
  10. well, i don't know since if you visit top members you can see how reputation does not fit at all with attributes tho it makes sense with "contributors" being given by since they are really active contributors at the moment and can't be automated but emperors, archdukes, counts... they are all mixed xd plus the fact i only have seen one prince and one duke
  11. so they are given directly by lukasz?
  12. Since I joined the forum i have been wondering the same. How do attributes work? As you can see I am a count, there are some people with "contributor", "baron", "gentleman" and even "emperor" but some times the attribute does not seem to be linked to reputation so, does someone know how are thoose given? I did not know where to post this since informations forum is closed.
  13. well, we can do a trreat, per example replacing all stolen content in exchange of ending this against you collective, turkish modders
  14. crusade against thieves, not against turks. you just need two braincells to understand it 🤣
  15. you shouldn't delete this, it's justified. you can edit it a bit to be more specific. think it's just thieves defending the undefendable using the worrd "racist"
  16. by the way, you can stop being the lapdog of kerem, this is also against him so if you gonna defend a thief here too dont bother responding 🙂 have a good day!
  17. there are private messages in this forum, you don't need to thow your discord to just spread your server's link wich is infested of stealer rats. It's easy, put your cursor on his nick and then you will see a button called "message"
  18. it is already specified "unoriginal turkish modders", that's literally the title
  19. absolutely yes, this is not against turks, this is against "modders" who steal others content, and all of them seem to be turkish. He is not racist, he is right
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