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  1. This looks absolutely awesome, it makes me want to keep playing this too-much-for-a-single-guy ball of potential
  2. I also found that but I don't think that's a matter. also: there should be two rows in your province file, not one. one for latitude and another for longitude
  3. I have the exact same problem. i exactly do the exact same people from tutorials do but it closes when I try to open it to play it or to edit it
  4. what do you want to be in the map? or just a blank image?
  5. As this mod won't be translated to all languages, there will be any way to translate it by myself? (like the bundle.properties file of the game)
  6. If i translate the entire game, would you feature it in the game?
  7. yo, wait, you literally uploaded the entire game wtf delete this, do you know how to upload a scenario? I can help you. You are giving the game for free
  8. It wasn't the download site but the file itself! hopefully my PC was new and reset it was "fast" (it took me the entire afternoon) because i didn't have much. Could you please upload a .zip file instead a .exe? it is the way even esaier
  9. I tried ti download this and my internet connection stopped working, i can't even see my network even when i rebooted my PC twice, so i have nothing more to way than DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS I and writing this via smartphone. Thankyou
  10. Trying to help: Important bugs to be fixed that probably everyone knows: If you speed up the game too much the game glitches and dies with a black screen. Also the names move to an upper position by the same way. If you offer military access to a civilization that's at war against you will run over you but you won't. (I don't see the offer military acces option very useful idk) September goes before August (in the game) In some point of the game, when therelations with a country reaches 0, it will mantain in 0 the rest of the game. The countries you create won't be added in "age of civilizations" mode (not important but everyone knows this) Bugs that happened to me: when i move the position of the port the game breaks for ever (need to reset). Sometimes rebels becomes a civilization called literally rebels and on every turn (sometimes two or simply stays) changes. I don't know how to produce it. Usually happens when i use the spectator mode. When you share an enemy with someone and this someone has troops in your land, if the enemy attack theese troops they will simple disappear. this also happens against two enemies that are at war with you. only the troops of the civilization that hosts the province will defend. I'll update this list through time. When a province is colonized, it shows on the right side of the screen, but if the name is too long will only write the end of it's name
  11. All of them are lunatic and do not have any relevamnce at all. Only significant movements have been added
  12. Thank you very much. I fixed that and will be realsed in the next update of the map aside some improvements ❤️
  13. right click, save image. NEED THAT MAP PLEASE anyway whoever wanted to play this needs a x7 scale and a lot of patience to load it
  14. I'll do a scenario of this beautiful shit
  15. I don't think so but i would use it to be a rebel
  16. The limit of civilisations is determined by the number of provinces the map has. If you are meaning the top limit of creable countroes... well i don't know but if there is one you can do the dinasties the way political forms are made. I don't know what exactly the holy roman empire does but if you maake a scenario after saving you can define its extension.
  17. Just released a new update. all these problems are fixed except the country names. maybe next time. i want to focus on cores.
  18. My scenario had some mistakes. Optimization update +new country
  19. Just think about making the growth rate one by one... terrain types... oof
  20. Thnak you so much for the photo of the map, i don't know why I can't do one. I'll use it if you don't care about. About east turkestan I studied about it and the desire for independence is very minoritary. I will go over the kurdish boarders to fix them. Never listened about soth azerbaijan, thankyou for the sugggestion. About the russian republics, almost none of them has a desire of independence an add them all is a mistake since i should also break the other federations of the world like Brazil or the US. Anyway i will look about. I have also other fixes (for tomorrow) like including vermont, filling Cuba and Barbados and Galápagos (part of Ecuador). If you really want to play with the countries you said you can do it by yourself by editing the map with the editor Have fun and a nice day!
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