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    Economy Bug

    If economy is 99, the economy gets stuck. To avoid this the economy of the province must jump that number.
  2. Well, in middle ages vassalized countries could vassalize another country but the major vassalizer didn't had any right on the vassal of the vassal. Even sometimes you could have a vassal of a part of another country and not the entire one
  3. Ànex i Rux

    Fix it

    It depends on the population of the province. If you are demanding land that's a core of the country, they will very rarely accept it. If you try tu buy land that has been conquered and with low stability, they may accept it.
  4. When i try to move the port or the army positiom the crashes permanently. I can't play the game until I reinstall it. Another bug with me map editor is that whem i change the connection of two provinces it changes the growth tax to 100%, the region to Iberia, the continent to Asia and sometimes the terrain to desert.
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