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  1. Hello, I mass disliked all of Memososhiti's posts, I want to give justice to all the people scammed by his shit mods, I see you are working with me in trying to give him negative rep. If everyone in the community including Shiite, Dolphin, and You work together we will be able to give him what he deserves. If you want memososisi to lose rep, than like my posts!

  2. @memososisiRemember me? I was the one who tried making ur reputation go down a year ago, I'm back. If you try to do something like what you did last year, I'll convince others to go against u.
  3. Hey, I only returned to playing AOC2 again. But this unfortunately happened: When I got back on my Russia save - modern world, it wouldn't move on when I clicked the New turn button, and then the screen went weird like it was bugging out, please help!
  4. Could you give me the map to me, a copy without the layers just the provinces only?
  5. Loving it, what about the part that Sardinia annexed after the Napeleon war?
  6. When you're finished, could you post the full map here without the screenshots? I want to use it for something (I have paint.net too) and I might use it for flag maps, is it ok?
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