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  1. holy shit just remembered this existed, umm yeah....
  2. Lukasz changing the name won't save the games reputaiton, working on the game will.

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    2. Saurie
    3. LildawgGaming


      Mojang had to call their smaller game "Mojang's Scrolls" instead of just "Scrolls" because Bethesda threatened to take the name to court over it sounding like "The Elder Scrolls". Similar thing probably happened here. And yes, it is very stupid.

    4. Banana


      Why did you have to change the name?

  3. Lukasz why are you changing the name???

  4. Are you planning on making quality of life updates and some bug fixes for the game, cuz that would be amazing.

  5. What is the discord link please send a permanenet one since the others don't work
  6. I demand to know why there the human animal is not on here. I also demand that if you do put them on here, to make sure that their intellegince is the highest while the intelligence of all other animals is considerably lower. Thank you and I hope to see my animal in there soon!
  7. This needs to be added officially into AOC2
  8. ok this is great. This means that we can have real battle royale in aoc2. AOC2 is becoming more and more like the minecraft of all strategy games.
  9. Work on the next game in the Age Of Civilizations franchise will start
  10. please add an undo feature, thanks!
  11. wait how are you doing this?
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