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  1. I didn't know where else to post this, so I put it here. If there's a better place, I'd like to know. So I have 3 main ideas for how a multiplayer mode could be worked out. 1: Make every player take a turn by a certain customizable time limit. 2: Make players randomly selected to have their turns happen first, like in singleplayer with AI, if I remember correctly. 3: Make some sort of server system where people can select with some options. They can look for certain forced time limits for turns, then can pick default or modded. The default eras can be selected from there, while many mods and their maps can be selected as criteria as well. With everyone wanting multiplayer, I just wanted to share some ideas. Maybe Lukasz could find this and take inspiration from it. Maybe Mark Zuckerburg really is a lizard person. Who knows?
  2. Afghanistan got eaten by Russia so it fled to Pakistan.
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