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    Here the link to the first video.
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    Have you ever found the wrong leader shows up for the wrong scenario? The current mechanic the game uses is that is chooses the leader born closest to the date of the scenario. However, I suggest introducing Reign Dates - start and end dates for a leader's reign. Say, for example, you had Wilhelm II of Germany as a leader. Wilhelm was born in 1856, but you had a scenario set in 1880. In real history, Wilhelm didn't come to power until 1888. However, in this scenario, Wilhelm would be the leader of Germany due to his birthdate. However, if you set the begin of his reign to 1888, then he wouldn't come to power until 1888, just like real life. Say you also wanted to add the end of his reign to be 1918 - come 1918, his reign would end.
    With the reign system, the problem of having the wrong leader for the wrong scenario would end. You could add ever US president, and because of the Reign system, they would each be able to take power in order. Tired of having Abraham Lincoln in charge of the US in 1836? The Reign system can end that!
    Now, what if you don't enter a start date or end date? The game could simply resort to its original design, that being the system of choosing a leader based on their birth date.
    I, personally, think this is a good idea, and I hope Lukasz sees it and considers it.
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    Here's the link to the second video. I still have yet to watch and test this video so I don't know if it works or not.
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    True. I did a worldwide version and most of the borders in Africa and Asia aren't any better. Vague lines in the sand and civilizations that aren't even in the game. Such is the norm when it comes to historical geography.
    The geacron website and app help alot though. But the individual electorates aren't shown in the Holy Roman Empire.
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    yep true example for this scenario hardest one is borders in hre
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    It's honestly a bit hard to be certain of anything going back to this time period. Things changed so much and various borders were not as clearly defined as they are today.
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    The Brain got a reaction from ITurkishmapping in Thirty Years War Scenario [WORK IN PROGRESS]   
    I did something like this as well with the android version on my tablet. I think your map might be a bit more accurate though.
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    The Brain reacted to Shehab666 in All of History 5000 BC-2018 AD   
    In Development, Expect Beta to Be Released Soon, only Europe for now.
    Imagine if Every Civ had a chance to survive and become a superpower,  and Thrive in all of history.
    1000s of Events will be in the game, going to try to use events to add deeper colonization system.
    Add Suggestions Below.
    Edit: New Post "History Retold"

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    The Brain reacted to THEJOELOSER2215 in Suggestion: Make Workshop For Android and iOS to import Scenarios   
    There needs to be an update where you can import Scenarios from the internet to android 
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