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  1. I have to wait 10-15 minutes in average to is unfreeze
  2. Addon + mod doesn't work, the game doestn't start
  3. Idk, it was working since the release, only addon+ wasnt working but only for me and it hasnt been updated i think
  4. You can just put this in a different folder and just open the 1159.exe, this will work even if your game is uninstalled
  5. I have a problem, I can't play the addon+ mod, when i select it and click play, the launcher just dissapears and the game doesn't open. I tried to download it another time, but that won't work either.
  6. Thanks for creating android version, i think this is the only scenario in which i see it
  7. I can help you translate it to Polish, if you want, my discord is irokes360#1718
  8. Bedzie dzialac na androidzie?
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