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  1. Can someone make a map from Gate: Thus the JSDF fought there? I would be interesting if someone make it? Sorry for my bad english.
  2. I did some experiment on the app and i found out that it should added the name tag of the scenario on the text file name Age_of_Civilization in case that scenario you played were error. (Sorry for my bad english grammar).
  3. Milljhon

    3000 turns

    Available only in WWII Scenario
  4. I recently discover the problem on saving some gameplay on AoC2 android (This was only my theory so don't follow) maybe you need to reduce the civs (annex any civilizations) and the autosave continues. Sorry for my bad english grammar (I'm Filipino).
  5. Milljhon

    Sheet Breex

    When U see it U ^^^^ ^^^^
  6. The view of the game is portrait. Try playing it on landscape.
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