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  1. setapdede

    Yugoslavia - 1964

    Screenshots: Download: 1549355549657mrjtiezh.zip
  2. setapdede

    How to fix the scenarios that dont work?

    I mean if the scenario downloaded or a old one to fix it from making it playiple again. If you still dont understand i mean the scanario exit the "ERROR" state
  3. setapdede

    New Country's After Peace Treaties

    you can do that by annexing the territory of the nation to yours ten at diplomacy go to realese a vasal enter the contry and its provinces then on diploamacy select eliberate vassal
  4. setapdede

    Europe AoC1 | Now on Android

    OMG I wanted also to made it but i was lazy but whatever good to gylala that showed this in the stream
  5. setapdede

    Flag Competition

    how about this new romania flag?
  6. setapdede

    Ideologies+/Governaments+ (Pre-Alpha)

    i am just doing it right now for aachen (i also did anothers but now i decided to go in order
  7. setapdede

    Ideologies+/Governaments+ (Pre-Alpha)

    soory i wont translate the mod in polish becuse i dont know polish 😞 if you want wen releases you can translate it
  8. setapdede

    Ideologies+/Governaments+ (Pre-Alpha)

    Empire will be aded. I allredy had that idea but i dint wanted to add it right now
  9. setapdede

    Ideologies+/Governaments+ (Pre-Alpha)

    Ideologies+ or Governaments+ is a mod that adds new ideologies to the game and adds new flags to all the nations Ideologies Socialism Islamist Federation (keep in mid that this is pre-alpha more will be added soon) Flags Aachen Questions and Answers Q:Does this mod copy another idelogies mod? A:No Q:Where can i download it? A:Currently is in Closed Pre-Alpha but in future might be a download Q:Does Coping comments get reported/deleted? A:I will do becuse i dint copy any another mod News: 2/7/2019 - Removed Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Added Empire and Kingdom Ideology 2/4/2019 - Released Ideologies+ to the public
  10. setapdede

    how to add a city in AoC 2 on phone?

    Same i think is just for android this bug. This happends for a lot more: game civilizations,stuff
  11. setapdede

    Occupation in Map Editor

    YOu can make whit cores or just whit events that place them (yes you can make a ocuppation whit events)