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  1. 1. There are no scenarios, maps, blabla 2. How the heck you do upload to the workshop? Does anyone know what is happening?
  2. https://youtu.be/gl6nWiSDQC0 idk
  3. setapdede

    help please

    What the f***?
  4. It will help me maybe i will redo the mod!
  5. Nah i think i will cancel the mod maybe i will redo the mod
  6. 2789-2800 The 7th World War was declared on 3rd November 2789. On 1st of January 2800, Socialist Republic of Russia dropped a very large nuke into the world. 2999 Moldovia: Ugh... The world is still here. ???: Hey Moldovia! Wallachia: It's Been a long time Moldovia: Hey Wallachia! Do you know anything about Transylvania? Wallachia: Not sure but we better explore Moldovia: No sign Wallachia: I will continue exploring in Bulgaria Moldovia: Okay now i will just get my land ???: Looks Like some Romanians found me... Wallachia: Wait... Bulgaria: Everyone shold fall under Bulgaria! Bulgaria declares war on Wallachia Wallachia: Really you think i am that weak? Bulgaria: I will finish you off! (To be continued)
  7. 1st. Go to steam and go to collection 2nd. Go to AOCII and press advanced settings 3rd. Go to Local Files and press View Local Files 4th. Go to the folder music 5th. if your Music isn't ogg then convert it 6th. Insert it 7th. Open the age_of_civilizations file with a text editor and add the file name of the song and then a ";" And enjoy!
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