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  1. You know the fact that thats the AOCI map transylvania and moldova are connected to romania has one province and that applies for all of them
  2. Well litteraly every mod that is also good on pc. Every file can be installed on both platforms
  3. But why tho. Like it's like an Addon for Addon+.
  4. well in game editor you can go to civilizations and create a civilization that includes the tag of the ideology ex: "rus2_c" to remove a nation aka rus2 either just edit rus2 to rus2_C or delete it from the game/civilizations file
  5. I don't think it's poswsible to modify the amount of rebbeleions. But incrising stability and happiness cold work.
  6. ES Realmente no sé cuándo se lanzará. (Usé el traductor de google para crear la oración ya que apenas sé español) EN I don't really know when it will release. (I used google translate to create the sentence since I barely know Spanish)
  7. setapdede


    I'd estimate about 0% beacuse he said he tehniccly didn't annouce it yet
  8. setapdede


    Will there be new ideologies?
  9. It says that you don't accept friend requests-
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