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  1. Gylala Street

    1. GyLala
    2. setapdede


      second live troll 😛


  2. setapdede

    New project / AOCRAFT

  3. setapdede

    Poland-Hungary (Provinces 70)

    JUST 70 Prucinces??? i Expected more. but its still good
  4. setapdede

    setapdede's Custom Civs

    soory i can't 😞 becuse i changed some tags to this civ and also have more soory about that
  5. Hello goktug14! I decided to promote you to the first moderator of the club! Why you? 1.becuse you were the first to join 2.you joined the same day was created 3.you were rating on almost every post (of modding of course) Thats all!
  6. setapdede

    TEG Board (505 Provinces)

    Ask the Map marker (image)
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    Age of Fixing bugs

  8. setapdede

    setapdede's Challanges

  9. setapdede

    setapdede's Challanges

    Here you can request challages for me to try: Example: Play as Poland you only can declare war on smaller nations than you in WW2 scenario OR [Selected Country] [Selected Challange] [Selected Scenario] Now i am doing:Play as luxembourg and you cant annex any province (ocuppation allowed) (vassal is also allowed as long as i dont annex them (AKA communist hoi4 world in nutshell)) (i cant declare offensive wars just defensive) on World war 2
  10. setapdede

    Age of Civilizations 3

    AOC1. 2 Provinces AOC2. 20 Provinces AOC3. 200 Provinces AOC999. 2000000000 Provinces
  11. setapdede

    Lukasz plan to make AoC2 successful

  12. setapdede

    ALL civilization