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  1. Is closed curenttly, in alpha stages Well basicly is like free france
  2. soory we ended the time period of adding governaments becuse: 1. I need to go whit the flags for contries 2. There isnt much more space for id's for governaments
  3. Soory currently there is no download. Release Date is Not estimated
  4. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????? i CANT WAIT ONE MORE DAY!
  5. Well i seen serbia in screenshots 😛
  6. This happends wen an important file is missing try verifing the integrity of the files whit steam
  7. I've done it look at the start of the page 1
  8. <---- tHis is why i dint find transylvania. i think code is messed up! EDIT : i found at that name i forgot the _b ops!
  9. In a few minutes. I was suposed to upload them a week ago, but i dint find the transylvanian contry (becuse thats one that i will show)
  10. I made a balkan map. This is also my first finished map! Screenshot Scenarios Modern World, Cold War, World War II - 1940, World War II - 1939, World War II - 1941, World War II - 1938, World War II - 1936, Interwar Period, World War I Download:Balkans.zip
  11. go to edit sea provinces change them to sea then back to land
  12. Added Grand Duchy, Grand Principality and Tsardom
  13. There is no way of doing that only if you replace a building
  14. lucaz is just not really active and securing the website thats all to be explained EDIT: acually i just logde out and looked at the sign in page and i seen theres a chapcha
  15. for aoc africa this is kind of true sometimes is a free download
  16. you ca edit from the files
  17. Lucaz is working on the IOS version after he releases that will probly start working on workshop
  18. Ok so we are playing kebab? Oh soory i ment Kebab Remover... OH I FORGOT IS ILEGAL TO SAY THAT IN KEBAB WORLD!
  19. i do for all the civs so there are 1900 so takes a lot of time also iis just a project
  20. no but maybe after i added grand duch and grand principality and start for transylvania
  21. alredy made england a few months ago 🙂
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