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    Oxix_Polska reacted to Future mapper in Papers, Please!   
    just Translate it to
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    Oxix_Polska reacted to faqgriezz in Papers, Please!   
    I can translate your mod to Polish language. 
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    Oxix_Polska reacted to Siwy_Witold in Map Of Poland v.0.01   
    I am currently starting to create the map BIG MAP Poland ­čÖé I have created, inter alia: ┼Üwinouj┼Ťcie, Szczecin and Mi─Ödzyzdroje. province is currently 29 :)

    Sorry for the text From the translator: P
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    Oxix_Polska got a reaction from TaDziK in Potrzebuje pomocy   
    Chcia┼ébym jakie┼Ť CIEKAWE┬ápomys┼éy na scenariusze do AoC II
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    Mo┼╝e spojler z AoC 3?
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    Znacie jakie┼Ť┬áPOLSKIE┬áscenariusze do AoC II? (Najlepiej z wyborami)
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