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  2. No, sorry, there's no link to an officially supported android version.
  3. As of right now, the launcher is broken, and the mods in it are quite old: they'll likely be fixed in a future update, but as of right now, completing the actual mod itself is the main priority.
  4. As of right now, events are currently still being worked on, as the Korean War and Vietnam War are being prioritised.
  5. The A.P.K. isn't officially supported, so as a result I won't be including it in the main post itself.
  6. The Android download can be found here, but it may be severely bugged since it hasn't been updated since the 0.85b patch. It is recommended to play with the map scale set to 5x, and languages other than English are not supported: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-sve-gzddj6wqGlxTEoTjucyKkjrN0yV/view?usp=drivesdk
  7. 11:59: A Cold War Mod. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11:59 was one of the first pioneering mods for Age of Civilisations II, released just six days after the launch of the game. Intent on quality instead of quantity, the mod was built with the ultimate aim of achieving a cold war experience unlike any other. After well over a year of work, we decided to take a break from the modding scene due to Lukasz's continual refusal to update the game in a meaningful way. We've decided to revisit
  8. If you work for modders, modders will work for you. A couple of new features would help advance the modding community: 1) An event editor overhaul to make it more flexible. Currently, the event editor is so bugged that text will quite simply run off the screen. Here's what would improve the event editor: Fixing obvious bugs (text running off the screen, conditions not working [Controlled by, army in province are examples of conditions not working], the 'decision taken' condition displaying an error message even when valid, et cetera). Fix the 'Repeatable' glitch: Even when
  9. Formerly known as the 11:59 (An AoC2 mod) Discord Server, we have recently rebranded ourselves to cover all of Age of Civilisations, and with the departure of 'Strategy Hub A G E' (formerly the largest Age of Civilisations II Server) to general strategy games (and also a mass ban wave), it's safe for us to say that we are now the largest AoC2 server, with a fair slice of activity. It's not like we exclude members of other grand strategy/strategy games (or just games in general) though. This AoC2 Discord server runs on a democratic system, and we have no secret channels that users aren't a
  10. North America United States of America Southern California San Diego (Used to be Cleveland National Forest had you asked me 8 months prior).
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