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  1. As of right now, the launcher is broken, and the mods in it are quite old: they'll likely be fixed in a future update, but as of right now, completing the actual mod itself is the main priority.

  2. If you work for modders, modders will work for you.

    A couple of new features would help advance the modding community:
    1) An event editor overhaul to make it more flexible. Currently, the event editor is so bugged that text will quite simply run off the screen. Here's what would improve the event editor:

    • Fixing obvious bugs (text running off the screen, conditions not working [Controlled by, army in province are examples of conditions not working], the 'decision taken' condition displaying an error message even when valid, et cetera).
      • Fix the 'Repeatable' glitch: Even when the conditions for the event are not met, the event fires anyway. Properly implemented booleans on events would prevent this.
    • Adding a search field (also known as a search box) so that modders are able to search for events and organise their events better (especially handy when the number of events exceeds 100).
    • Adding an event that is applicable to multiple participants with the following fields:
      • Random Civilisation: Selects a random country once the event fires.
      • Multiple Civilisations: Actively checks and fires the event (once conditions are met) for all countries in the list.
      • Any CivilisationActively checks and fires the event for any country in the game. (Would be great for flavour events to keep the game fresh).
      • Every Civilisation: When any country meets the conditions necessary to fire the event, all countries will receive events.
    • Adding a new effect that would allow for buildings to be built on provinces.
    • Adding a new effect that would annex land to a civilisation regardless of the province owner/controller.

    2) New editors for existing mechanics. This would open up brand new possibilities for modders.

    • Building Editor: Enables for the creation and editing of buildings, and the various effects that they would give.
    • Technology Editor: Enables for the creation and editing of technology, and the various effects that they would give.

    3) New mechanics/features.

    • Capability for multiple units. This would ideally come with an editor which could create new units and adjust such things as cost, manpower, manoeuvre, offence, and defence. These units do not need unit models. Simply place an icon to the left of the number to represent which unit they are.
    • Culture/Religion. Culture or religion would go a lot farther than the current nationality system, allowing for more complex behaviour as well as a better assimilation mechanic. (Right now, you simply throw money at people to make them 'assimilate', cultures would need to be 'accepted' or 'tolerated').
    • Casus bellis. Also known as 'justifications for war', casus bellis would put an end to the mindless wars that the AI tends to do. These would also come as event effects, and causes for war could be edited by modders via a new editor, or a .json file. Casus bellis would significantly improve the AI, and do away with the current concept of 'AI Aggressivity'.
    • Loading screens (Not necessary). Custom static loading screens are extremely easy to implement in Java. It requires fetching a raw image from a file and simply rendering it on top of the screen. These would make the game (as well as mods) look far more professional than it already does.

    4) Steam Workshop.

    • At the end of the day, mods need to be distributed somehow. And the best way for mods to reach a wider audience is through Steam Workshop. Combined with previous reforms (which should be relatively easy to do given that the core framework of the game is already implemented), mods of much higher quality than the ones we see right now would begin to appear.


    Conclusion: These changes to the game would completely overhaul the game for the better, revolutionising the way mods are made and drastically improving the quality of these mods. In the end, it's the modding community that makes games successful, and that applies to the realm of Grand Strategy as well. Players are looking for features, and only you can deliver on that. Work for modders, so that modders work for you.

  3. Formerly known as the 11:59 (An AoC2 mod) Discord Server, we have recently rebranded ourselves to cover all of Age of Civilisations, and with the departure of 'Strategy Hub A G E' (formerly the largest Age of Civilisations II Server) to general strategy games (and also a mass ban wave), it's safe for us to say that we are now the largest AoC2 server, with a fair slice of activity. It's not like we exclude members of other grand strategy/strategy games (or just games in general) though.

    This AoC2 Discord server runs on a democratic system, and we have no secret channels that users aren't able to access.




  4. How do you make a scripted peace deal always fire? How do you annex provinces regardless of the province's owner? How do you make generic events for countries that continue to add flavour long after the event chains end? How do you script dynamic alternate history paths for an AI to take? Well, here's how. The order that the effects should go in will be listed top to bottom.

    How to make an event annex a province regardless of the owner:

    - Update the provinces that you wish to be annexed to Country A to wasteland. (Update Wasteland command)

    - Update the provinces that you just turned into wasteland into normal provinces. (Update Wasteland command)

    - Annex the provinces from their new neutral owners to Country A. (Annexation command, Old Controller: Neutral, New Controller: Country A).

    How to make a scripted peace deal always fire correctly:

    - Create a new isolated province at the bottom of the map, and set it to be a land province. Make sure that it has no adjacencies.

    - Put the 'Age of Civilizations' civilisation there.

    - Use this AI civilisation to process your events for you, for instance population initialisation would be an example. In this case, we want a scripted peace deal.

    - Put your scripted peace deal on repeatable and assign the recipient to be this new AI civilisation (Age of Civilizations). Make sure that the event uses Provinces >= and Provinces <, instead of Controls Provinces or Owns Provinces.

    How to add generic events that add flavour:

    - Put said event on repeatable and add an event chance. The recipient can also be set to Random Civilisation, but in doing so, event chance must be dropped.

    How to script dynamic AI paths:

    - Plan ahead. Grab out Notepad++ and make sure all the events add up to 100%. List the paths you want the country to be able to take, and make sure that they aren't too drastic.

    - Add multiple events in game, all interconnected with each other. Make sure all the end dates and start dates line up exactly. Make sure that each event has at least a trigger, especially later on. The way these events can be linked is that if you wish for a delay, set the trigger to 'Decision Taken:'. If you do not wish for a delay, set the preceding event's command to be 'Trigger Another Event:'. This causes the events to be processed in a single turn. Each event should end up with a 100% total for each AI chance. Make sure that they are all set, and that there aren't any 'holes' in the chain.

  5. Alright fellows, final preparation work is being done for the 1. May 2019 Release Date. Thanks for your patience. Right now, I can tell you that everything about the launcher is fully functional, including the ability to download and install mods directly from the launcher. However, the launcher will initially come out as a .exe only, and later on Linux and MacOS support will be worked on. However, this shouldn't take too long since the entire launcher is built using node.js and HTML, as well as other web-based languages. There are no plans to postpone this date, and most of the finishing work is now being invested in the 11:59 mod, of which The Sun Finally Set will be released, along with the launcher on 1. May 2019.

    EDIT: Because I live on the West Coast of the United States, the launcher may be released on 2. May 2019 depending on where you live in the world, and it's a schoolday for me, but I can tell you it'll be released on 1. May 2019 PST.

  6. I propose a couple of measures to help deal with the current Chinese Auto-bots:

    1. Any post that contains Simplified Chinese (mainly due to its' widespread usage within the People's Republic of China), would automatically not get posted, and the user placed on a watchlist.

    2. Any post containing the following words in the title would not go through: "University", "Passport", "Certificate".

    3. Posts with phone numbers, likely detected via regexp (REGular EXPression), would automatically not go through, and thus would not be posted.

    4. Any Internet Protocols (IP's) detected to be coming from within the People's Republic of China would automatically be IP banned, with the only exceptions being made for this being from the Republic of China, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the Macau Special Administrative Region. This automatic banning effect is automatically negated if it is detected that you have accessed the Age of Civilization II forums from an IP address not in the People's Republic of China prior to an IP detection from within the People's Republic of China that could be potentially linked to your account.

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