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  1. Alright, how do I do put the custom nations? EDIT: Try this: 1543178771860gjrstoxq.zip
  2. Hello! This scenario is based off a scenario from a game called Supreme Ruler 2020, where the major countries of the world were broken apart. I made a "map game" of it some time ago, and made several more games after it. Anyway, after discovering Age of Civilizations in June 2017 and it's featured scenario editor, I was interested in it so I can make my own version of the "Shattered World". So here it is, it is currently in Version 0.7 Images: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034304539/screenshots/ Features: Dozens of custom civilizations Over 300 civilizations Custom diplomatic relations HRE feature used as the EU Events Custom starting cash and armies Custom technological levels Entire world to conquer! Future Features: Event chains Improved diplomatic relations Form new civilizations WW3 Event (Choose if you want a third world war or not) Download Here: 1543183868159idpdmjkv.zip
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