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  1. Where did you get that detailed of a map of Europe?
  2. I hope unit mods will be available so I can purchase Griffins on this map
  3. The HRE is in this scenario with Austria as its emperor but if you are speaking about the HRE being an actual nation then yes you are correct. Good luck on your scenario 🙂
  4. I have made the basics of Europe during the war of the Quadruple Alliance with no diplomacy between the nations yet since I haven't figured out what's what and how to work events properly. Some of the borders are what they should be but that's because of the provinces the game gives me to use so some borders are not going to be correct to what they should be and some flags are a bit odd because I had to make them with the shapes and stuff. But apart from all that I hope you enjoy it and I will be trying to update it with events and leaders for each nation 🙂 If there are issues with n
  5. Albo

    German Empire Issue

    Ahh ok, that makes sense. Thanks I'll see if it works 🙂
  6. Albo

    German Empire Issue

    I've created a bare version of WW1 as a scenario and for some reason, If I don't play as Germany then it automatically forms into the Weimar Republic right after the first turn. What could be the cause of this issue?
  7. The only difference is I'm not paying for the scenario.
  8. Albo

    First Punic War

    Yes I noticed how small it was so I'll try make it some what playable 🙂
  9. Albo

    First Punic War

    I have put together the states of the First Punic War however haven't sorted out the events yet because I'm still a bit confused about how they work. The flags of Syracuse and Carthage are incorrect because the flag editor didn't have the symbols needed so I just made them look as close to the real one as possible 🙂 1546057682954enkscjgs.rar
  10. I can't remember how but I downloaded a map a while back and I noticed it's the province map of AoC2 so I thought if anyone wanted to use it to map out their scenarios or whatever it's here 🙂
  11. I don't mind what my flag is, just make it involve a lion or dragon, the rest is up to you. The location would have to be any city on the coast to the Adriatic sea. My ideology Monarchy 🙂 I don't mind my size, even the smallest could conquer the world.
  12. As scenarios look to be the centre of what the workshop will be, until more additions, it would make sense to allow users to upload the scenarios they have made to their profiles so users can visit profiles of users and see all the work they've come up with under one tab. Yes, users can just post their scenario into a scenario section but I feel like this is simpler and easier to find instead of having to search through a users posts it's just in one section ready for you to look at and download. If I know of a well-known scenario creator, I can simply search his username and look at the
  13. I tend to hop into scenarios like Modern World as the UK and off the bat get insulted by all of the nations who in reality should be my friends. What I'm trying to say is that the reason to why nations change their diplomatic relation to you seems to just be pure RNG. One minute I'm an ally who fought with them in countless battles the next we have cut diplomatic contact.
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