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  1. i did not ask how to open it i know how to
  2. uhhhh did this put all the files in aoc2 automatically or is it a diffrent game
  3. kubek

    A background

    how does that even happen
  4. this is awfuli want to die
  5. kubek


    ok i did this but it probably doesnt work
  6. kubek


    ok so i did this and i dont really know what it is (i dont have any ideas for scenarios lol)
  7. kubek


    so i tried to do a background but failed misserbly, if you can make this a background you deserve a prize (but wont get one)
  8. kubek

    W A T E R

    use these if you want W A T E R(rip islands)when you realised there bad use these
  9. sorry no download lol i did a poll and cold war on small map won so i did it it also might look weird because i installed a background
  10. kubek

    A background

    looks good but not close up lol
  11. i made Continental wars scenario i know this is probably not original also this is only for showcase
  12. sorry for small picture
  13. i made a ww2 scenario in small map update 1: fixed borders and country also i dont know why but you cant install rip 1554649798696cflcrozu
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