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  1. Ideologies inspired by a change in the heart of iron 4 called Kaiserreich -Social Democracy -Anarchy -leninism -libertarian socialism -Radical Socialist -Revolutionary Communism -Totalism -Syndicalism -Collectivism -Socialism -National Populist -Nationalist -Paternal Autocracy -New image for democracy Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/uru9nzgamf37lf3/Ideologias.rar/file
  2. Can you find the folder of diplomacy and put less random wars in the game?
  3. The events are Portuguese-Brazil, and I can not modify the event files to change the language, I've tried, but in the end always some kind of error and the scenario does not work
  4. essa é uma versão antiga do mod, essa é a versão mais recente, provavelmente vai funcionar os eventos
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