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  1. This is still unifinished no time and motivation to work on the Battle of Azeroth massive scenario! It's to much work probably going to finish this when i have more time!
  2. enexpi


    civ 5 turn system is actually good for this kind of games
  3. Not yet I'm back from my trip soon I will finish the scenario and i will post it!
  4. Guys I'm very busy IRL, it will take more time for me to finish the scenario and release the map...
  5. Probably will push back the mod, The main Scenario is taking me more time then expected its slow walking around Azeroth and making them in AOC2 :))))
  6. Ideologies are done you can check them on the picture below!
  7. I'm done with Provinces and I'm working in game now for Ideologies, Scenarios and Leaders 4925 PROVINCES TOTAL
  8. 5000 provinces hype and I'm Finishing Jade Forest now probably today i will finish all provinces and tomorrow i will work ingame on the map :) possible Release February 1st
  9. just shot me!
  10. Little Update: 3800 Provinces for now still Northrend not done and Pandaria
  11. yes :)
  12. I'm not going to do Beta, It's going to be full release and after that I will release updates, fixes and more features.
  13. Broken Isles are done aswell
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