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  1. You can do whatever you want with the map its public free for use! You can't make a lot of changes if its only mod!
  2. First this picture is not accurated cuz in one sector(province) can have 100+ stars cuz milky way is 4billion stars its not star size galaxy its sector size!
  3. Use please others links,megaup is down even  with vpn

  4. When you release gta mod?

  5. From the Dune Universe - Padishah Empire won what a dispointment 😞 nice video Gylala
  6. Working on GTA:SA map cuz a lot of people asked me to do it and here we go! :)
  7. I'm working slowly on this i want to make the bfa scenario good but don't get hyped there is a lot of work
  8. probably the file mapAoC2_v2 is corrupted
  9. and I Probably have more new maps created then most of the people here, you need to be smart when you making map every little thing can crash the game even missing ";" you need to be careful :)
  10. I have sometimes crashes but i know excatly what i change and like that is easy to be fixed
  11. Can be everything, flags, civs, provinces, ages file, government file and many more you need to know what you change and to check it!
  12. hello :)


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      hi :)


  13. Thanks guys
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