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  1. Hello dear Lukasz, I'm Angel you joined my discord for AOC 2 long time ago, but you never come online to talk with us. We were the biggest Discord for AOC but I had to change the server recently due to game not having updates the server start dying only few people are playing the game now because you never update the game, I count myself in that number I make a lot of maps for AOC2 the 4925 province Warcraft one, 2600 provinces Galaxy map and Ultra shattered world but without workshop is hard for the maps to reach a lot of people and the forums looks like wasteland we need 1.0 TECH to colonize it. I'm working on two new maps now Game of Thrones and San Andreas probably but i do not have motivation to finish them because the game is very buggy, AI is very dumb and bugs help to be easy. AI need to be smart if you are not using the extra help like unions, alliances and stuff like that, I don't want to talk about the diplomacy buggs for 100 you can conquer the world that should be in the cheat menu not in diplomacy. I like to watch games in observer mode aswell but what i can see, names are going to space slowly, leaving the solar system after some turns. I can keep continuing this to forever but you get my point The game is full of bugs, to easy the only entertaiment is making maps but you don't have motivation to do it because game is dead and buggs are a lot. Thank you again for the game I love it but is dying fast and the only solution is making the game open sources so we can make the game great again. Sincerely yours dying slowly fan ✋GAMERS RISE UP ✋
  2. From the Dune Universe - Padishah Empire won what a dispointment 😞 nice video Gylala
  3. Working on GTA:SA map cuz a lot of people asked me to do it and here we go! :)
  4. I'm working slowly on this i want to make the bfa scenario good but don't get hyped there is a lot of work
  5. probably the file mapAoC2_v2 is corrupted
  6. and I Probably have more new maps created then most of the people here, you need to be smart when you making map every little thing can crash the game even missing ";" you need to be careful :)
  7. I have sometimes crashes but i know excatly what i change and like that is easy to be fixed
  8. Can be everything, flags, civs, provinces, ages file, government file and many more you need to know what you change and to check it!
  9. hello :)


    1. enexpi


      hi :)


  10. Thanks guys
  11. Good video if i finish bfa scenario will be great but it will be 2hours video then :)
  12. The problem is in your PC not the download site!
  13. https://megaup.net/1qr2p/Ultra_Shattared_World_Map_-Author_eNeXPi.rar
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