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  1. Thanks guys i will put new link just in case!
  2. LINK CLICK alpha version of the mod (I'm not working on beta version so you are free to go on).
  3. enexpi

    Save AoC2

  4. enexpi

    Save AoC2

    the only ways is open source :) if he dont want to update it
  5. The map is working super nice, I just need to finish it still a lot of work ahead but atleast the map is working nicely now I didn't see bugs for my multiple plays.
  6. MY MODS are like own games you don't need to use the original game for them and the crash bug when it happens u need to download the original one again cuz that one is broken.
  7. I succefully fix a lot of the bugs even the 0 relationship bug now Galaxy is very nice again if anyone have troubles he can contact me im still active for AOC2 stuff im devoloping my Warcraft mod The new link for the Galaxy mod/map on bottom DOWNLOAD BUTTON
  8. One bug fixing update will be great + two, three stuff for events will make this game great and btw revolutions need fix aswell they are bugging the relations when new country successfuly rebel but wishful thinking...
  9. Patch 1.1 is in progress 2 scenarios soon
  11. i have meet a lot of problems with fixing the bug for 0 relation
  12. Working hard on the mod right now but is so much work but in the end it will be worth trust me :) #ONEMANARMY
  13. fixing bugs, and working on the BFA scenario...
  14. I'm casually working on one of my projects but GTA mod is still not in my radar
  15. This map will be released and updated on my new project im working casually Earth 2.0 (Unfinished Map/Mod) not every province will be nation... thats to much work nobody will do. British Isles in 700 AD
  16. im fixing some common bugs and then i will give you link! The galaxy will be fun to play again... cuz the bugs happening on the mod are annoying af
  17. I can upload the rar on another site, if this has issues...
  18. sorry guys I just don't want to do anything with AOC at the moment
  19. @Tinu2048 show pics
  20. You can do whatever you want with the map its public free for use! You can't make a lot of changes if its only mod!
  21. First this picture is not accurated cuz in one sector(province) can have 100+ stars cuz milky way is 4billion stars its not star size galaxy its sector size!
  22. From the Dune Universe - Padishah Empire won what a dispointment 😞 nice video Gylala
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