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  1. A few Ideas that I have are Great Britain/United Kingdom, Frankia, Two Sicilies, and India. Also, I am aware that the HRE exists, but I think that players should be able to unite all states in the HRE and form the Holy Roman Empire as a nation in itself (similar to in medieval times).
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    All Hail B

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    Easter Eggs Thread

    Bravo on all of your finds!
  4. CCWM2005

    A Place To Post Your Empires

    Recommended to post you empire in this order: 1. Starting Nation 1.5. If formable nation formed, post this next 2. Start year 3. Say Done for a finished run, or Ongoing for an ongoing run I'll start Malacca, 1440, Ongoing
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    If you go into scenario editor, then to manage civilizations, if you click on the province "Chernihiv", you can select a nation called "Age of Civilizations".
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    If you click on your flag and enter F&%@ you (Using stronger language [I was unsure if we could swear on this forum or not]) a bunch of flags pop up all over the screen. (I think that a lot of people already new about this though)
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    Easter Eggs Thread

    South of Africa there is an ocean tile shaped like Africa
  8. I'm sorry, but you are not the only one. The only other person that I know of is Großdeutsche Konferenz, who uses a dancing pepe.
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    Historical mistakes

    Tsar Boris II is still leader of Bulgaria in 1200