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  1. Lukasz, we understand that working on the game is very tedious and tiring, but PLEASE, stop being a dickhead to everyone who you disagree with. If you just want to abandon the game, it would be better for all of us if you release source code.


     Please don’t ban

  2. MonAx


    > CRİNGE BUG Lmao
  3. MonAx

    Bloody Europe II

    Man, how you don't get tired doing it? I died after opening and closing editor 356th time...
  4. Yes, maybe release source code, so probably more enthusiastic people will do improvements! It would be cool, I guess you alreay have enough money
  5. MonAx


    I'm using _____
  6. Сидит такой человек, дрочит на рикардо, да. и тут он от понимания того, что его жизньнастолько бессмыслена - тратит свое время на то, чтобы продизлайкать мои 37 комментариев где либо.

  7. Although you can't declare war in first 5 turns, you can trade offer to AI to attack someone and war will start. Btw, AI always accepts offers of declaration of war on somebody.
  8. Лол, тебе делать нечего, нах ты всё дизлайкаешь?

    1. YuraTheGreat



  9. Imo workshop isn't made because of clusterfucky mod nature. Some files overlap, like translation, map lists config and I believe something more
  10. Yes, also you shouldn't tag him cause you'll be silenced
  11. Why did you qoute me? Btw, no need, Lukasz knows they are there
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