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  1. MonAx

    Age of Fixing bugs

    Actually, in lot of different editors it happens, so....
  2. MonAx

    Age of Fixing bugs

    Game closes if you press 'Back' button in the terrain types editor
  3. MonAx


  4. MonAx

    Age of Fixing bugs

    In bundle.properties of every translation in /game/languages/ on string after "Support Rebels"
  5. MonAx

    Adding new language

    Just try to check any folders for language related data. Probably they are hardcoded in game.
  6. Well...this is the most random profile pic i have ever seen.Congrats! xD

    1. MonAx
    2. Ramiro007


      You are welcome!

  7. Да блин, вот только начал сам карту делать, а тут уже оказывается выпустили
  8. MonAx

    Religion Mod

    Nope, they just didn’t get in the game, probably bcs Lukasz was trying to release ASAP
  9. MonAx

    How to create map (Step by step)

    > Poland in video was splitted as left and right part Nice
  10. MonAx

    Ideas for mods

    It's actually "Crimea War" btw "Game of Thrones"
  11. MonAx

    Alexei Navalny

    Навальный 20!9
  12. MonAx

    AoC2 but the music is replaced by Mine Diamonds

    Lukasz, add this to basegame pls and give this guy a contributor
  13. MonAx

    Bir Kaç Yıl sonra yenilgi sorunu

    Go to Non-English > Turkish pls
  14. Раз сценарии создаёшь, делай нормально, а не левачину, в которую играть будут 2,5 человека. Да и что тебя возмущает, я просто указываю на правильный вариант написания, пускай и несколько резко, за что прошу простить.