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    Hueteland Mod

    Good luck and lots of patience. I am doing my map for basically 8 months, and even then I have 600 provinces out of 4000-8000 expected
  2. Lukasz, we understand that working on the game is very tedious and tiring, but PLEASE, stop being a dickhead to everyone who you disagree with. If you just want to abandon the game, it would be better for all of us if you release source code.


     Please don’t ban

  3. > CRİNGE BUG Lmao
  4. Man, how you don't get tired doing it? I died after opening and closing editor 356th time...
  5. Yes, maybe release source code, so probably more enthusiastic people will do improvements! It would be cool, I guess you alreay have enough money
  6. MonAx


    I'm using _____
  7. Although you can't declare war in first 5 turns, you can trade offer to AI to attack someone and war will start. Btw, AI always accepts offers of declaration of war on somebody.
  8. Лол, тебе делать нечего, нах ты всё дизлайкаешь?

  9. Imo workshop isn't made because of clusterfucky mod nature. Some files overlap, like translation, map lists config and I believe something more
  10. Yes, also you shouldn't tag him cause you'll be silenced
  11. It's "Shahdom of Iran", not "Shadom" as in one of your screenshots
  12. Thanks for doing something with spam this late. Is it possible to root them out totally?

    1. Łukasz Jakowski

      Łukasz Jakowski

      Hope so. I'm doing my best to get rid of them!

  13. MonAx


    Про религии все и так знают, а вот ядерка и невыпущенные ачивки лежат в файлах переводов. Тут и ежу ясно, что Лукаш хотел быстрее релизнуть/понял что хотел сделать слишком много
  14. It is obvious it is spam and Lukasz will probably see those but there are TOO many posts to delete them manually and the spammers would make new and new accounts... It must be flaw of the forum's engine or something like that
  15. If one probably sees me through this spam, I wanted to propose add some crossing debuff mechanic, like buff defender/attacker if someone attacks from one certain province to another defined one. I believe it's not THAT hard and would add a bit more depth in the game.
  16. You see it, I see it. Random accounts spam posts in Chinese few a minute. Block users at least? Or, probably, find mods for forum.
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