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  1. On 3/9/2019 at 5:56 PM, arch1 said:

    Ага, и недобавленные религии в папке с игрой. Зато Лукаш делает айос версию, благодарим его за полную версию игры.

    Про религии все и так знают, а вот ядерка и невыпущенные ачивки лежат в файлах переводов. Тут и ежу ясно, что Лукаш хотел быстрее релизнуть/понял что хотел сделать слишком много

  2. If one probably sees me through this spam, I wanted to propose add some crossing debuff mechanic, like buff defender/attacker if someone attacks from one certain province to another defined one. I believe it's not THAT hard and would add a bit more depth in the game.

  3. It would be interesting if assimilation was easier and more logical. For example in some ideological civil war countries would have to assimilate enemy's culture though they're same country, while some New Zealand could assimilate whole country of Zimbabwe to theirs culture in a matter of months only using money

  4. I suggest you using .svg maps online or some other high quality enough map with province and/or regions borders if you're making country map.

    If it's your very own map/fantasy map, just find some map making tutorials online.

    I doubt anyone will help you, but you may try out joining some mod making team if they do same stuff as you

  5. Check out config file and change amount of provinces in config if you forgot. I don't know what else it could be, so blame Lukasz for not making obvious crash cause.

    If you're desperate, revert changes or download AoC2 somewhere else and copy in AoC you use the folder of the map you updated.

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