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  1. It would be chill if one could start it in scenario editor
  2. Maybe not in every province, but in those you chose before, maybe with paintbrush-like tool
  3. Explain what is section about pls?
  4. Imho it would be cool if it was possible to make civil war in editor, so you - - would have to spend less to assimilate (or not assimilate at all, depends) - have to take all enemy's land in peace deal - can trigger it by unhappiness/anything else and such. In current versions it's impossible to make both sides to fight till the end and make them take all land, isn't it?
  5. How to make country break truce and attack another country by event?
  6. Fortnite and Markass Brownlee
  7. Обязательно на тему АоС?
  8. MonAx


    Разве? Там нет вроде
  9. Так "феминизм" через "И" же. Или это такой троллинг произошёл?
  10. MonAx


    Is it possible to change ideology icon?
  11. It was, but it was closer to center, just checked out
  12. Translation of countries based on this mod - languages_ru.rar Download - unpack to /Age of Civilizations 2/game Народ, это только перевод стран, всё, ничего я не плагиатил, всё остальное Рейх перевёл
  13. Where can I post my Russian Translation fix?
  14. Is it possible to appoint certain capital for vanilla/custom nation? Example - when you click on "Warsaw" province in scenario editor, you are suggested to create Poland with capital there
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