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  1. Simon

    I guess ITurkishMapping is our leader now...

    I support you and share your opinion!
  2. Simon

    You know what to do

    Who fumbles that knows what to do)
  3. Simon

    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Remains work on the script?
  4. Simon

    I guess ITurkishMapping is our leader now...

    Yes, I think there are few Egyptians Front People Liberators FPL
  5. Simon

    Varieties of combat units (+Poll)

    If you want vote,then vote in this topic IT IS IMPORTANT !
  6. Simon

    Varieties of combat units (+Poll)

    Голосование в соцсетях ВКонтакте - https://m.vk.com/poll-136362838_317930398?act=stats&from=ageofcivilizationsgroup Голосование на форуме AOC- http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/983-variety-of-combat-units-poll/?page=2
  7. Simon

    Varieties of combat units (+Poll)

    The developer makes the game for us, and we thank him for it!
  8. Simon

    Varieties of combat units (+Poll)

    1) the Game can be optimized and made faster for weak devices.At me and at my friends personally everything works well and quickly, I think it already depends on the device.In an extreme case, you can release this update separately and at a different price for a more powerful device. 2)Yes I agree with you that it will need to change a lot.I did not break anything opening this topic in the proposals and only Lukas can add. 3) I think it does not spoil the whole gameplay as the game has its own zest distinguishing from the rest of the games,it is possible to feel like a developer to do something to add a historical event or an alternative event and even change the AOC beyond recognition.This is the difference from other games.I re-write that the addition of various troops in the game will not spoil the AOC and to be similar in military terms to more advanced games is not bad,it will only add interest in the military craft. And I think that it will please many players of this wonderful game
  9. Simon

    Naruto Mod

    It will be fun to play for Madara having in the ranks of the troops thousands of zetsu
  10. Simon

    Trade Routes

    It will look interesting
  11. Simon

    I guess ITurkishMapping is our leader now...

    Title killer royal blood will belong to me
  12. Simon

    I guess ITurkishMapping is our leader now...

    Hi there, I'm the Duke of Simon and I'm here to kill the kings
  13. Simon

    How to install scenario in Android

    In the same way, you can install cards
  14. Simon

    Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

    Waiting for waiting