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  1. Are you for real? Your links are not working
  2. It is necessary to note, after all the fixes and bugs.To hell with diplomacy, he does not decide as the main gameplay is a military component ...
  3. Will different landscapes be added ?
  4. I was worried about your project demo version I played and I did not like the game background, it cuts my eyes
  5. Yes, it looks interesting, but it could be done by other countries (not only for USA )
  6. Before write your opinion read what is written above
  7. I wrote above it can be as a Supplement, the player can bulge himself to put this mod or not... This mod can make a person who understands code programming. I think if it will be difficult for you then you can not put this mod
  8. Ahahaha sorry I badly know English, so this time used a translator 😂 😂 😂
  9. Want to be a moderator of the forum without having the right to these functions, in addition to the really important work of writing spam Lucas, LZ ban of this type he writes the Word Fu*K ? Am I right?
  10. If this is done as a Supplement or mod, the player will decide to put this combat system or not. But I think this combat system will attract the largest audience of aoc2.Yes, those who are against will probably install it to try and be more objective
  11. If Lukasz will give more possibilities to modders(example Skyrim modding flowers), this mod will definitely made a fan or regular person who likes the game, knowing the encoding.
  12. The most adequate and objective answer in this topic. 🤔👍
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