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  1. Came back to forum for the last time just because this topic deserves attention. YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT that’s DEFINITELY WHAT WE ALL NEED. Until it’s in a game and bugs are solved, I’m not coming back and I declare war on aoc2 (which I win in Russian speaking segment of internet, telling people the game is buggy etc), about bugs: at least those with vanishing armies. War mechanics really got to be improved (you lose your population so hard and much just because to win the war you have to have a superior numbers, which absolutely doesn’t make any sense, especially when you play minor country. Y
  2. I’ve tried all the ways but you just can’t delete your account here so I just leave it as it is 

  3. I’m forever gone from this forum and this game. I will never come back, so don’t write me something, ok? Bye! 👋 cya when game will be polished and bugless (never I guess)

  4. There is no map editor right now. Lukasz promised to release it in January, but if you know him, January of 2020-2021.
  5. yeah I know. Wait. 10.10.2017 was the first release date. But it's been a year and a month before actual release. And what you might ask? It's definetely still not ready...
  6. Those combat mechanics in aoc is definitely the main reason why I uninstalled the game. It really does piss me off.😑
  7. It’s too early to release multiplayer. In the solo game you can easily smash the turn button to save some cash/invest in economy etc. but in multiplayer it’ll be like 100 times more time consuming. Doesn’t worth it, anyway you would be disappointed with it
  8. This is definitely what we need, it’s so easy and boring to be richest country, all the AI countries don’t invest in economy straight (in provinces), they have all their population dying at pointless wars and their provinces become literally sh**holes (London has 41k population in 1440, but 500 turns later it becomes 9k pop and 200 economy points) and all you have to do is just invest over and over again. I played as Bremen and after 800 turns of doing investments I became top 10 nation while having a single starting province.
  9. Same for army conscription and buildings. It’s just so annoying to build and upgrade (3-5 times each building) building in every province, something like brush tool will be nice. When you have more than 10 provinces the building/investing/army making process becomes unbearable and prevents you from getting enjoyed
  10. I can say the war mechanics unarguably need total overhaul, your suggestion sounds like a good first steps to it. It’s just boring when to win you just simply have to have slightly more soldiers than enemy does.
  11. It just doesn’t make any sense since if you lose the battle you lose all of your army not even a single soldier survives. So you’ll lose your army and all of its traits and stuff like in the second battle in their life
  12. Press X to doubt. If you play something like Switzerland, at early game you should focus on getting more economy since you can't go to war with any of your neighbors, they're simply stronger than you.
  13. Если хотите мирно развиваться, рассылайте ближайшему сильному соседу подарки, он начнёт улучшать с вами отношения и вы тоже улучшайте, после принятия кэша он предложит вам гарантию независимости и никто не посмеет воевать с вами
  14. Как тащить играя за минора? Чисто заводы раскачиваю, выбиваюсь в топ 10, а война всегда будет проиграна, ибо боевка такова, что число решает. То есть миноры неиграбельны?
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