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  1. Development update: I wont work on this scenario anymore I have other things to do this summer.
  2. Cool Scenario. A big upgrade to the Default Victorian Era.
  3. Im not sure how to make an android version.
  4. New update is available. The next update will be next weekend as I go back to school tomorrow.
  5. The update is now live. Re-Download the link to get the update
  6. I made an event for the Mauryan Empire where if the Happiness is below 65%(next update this will be increased to 70%) after 232 BC then the Empire will collapse. This event is historically accurate as this is the year Ashoka, the Emperor of the Mauryan Empire, dies and after his death his successors were weak kings and the empire fell 50 years after his death. I will add more events like this for the Seleucid Empire, and the Phrygia. I'll try my best to make the events Historically accurate.
  7. There is only one event and its for Rome. I might add some in the future.
  8. This scenario takes place in 304 BC. It is now in a finished phase but ill be adding updates as often as I can. The map goes from the Iberian Peninsula to China. Not all is historically accurate but I tried my best make sure it is. Also some areas like germania is purposely left unoccupied. Also i recommend this scenario is played in 50% speed Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RxwAdU0FkwLIUs-_Hu9IgJof8ejfedkf?usp=sharing Updates: 4/20:More Civilizations in, Iberian Peninsula, Central Asia, and India. Map has been extended to China. Mau
  9. Uploading my 304 bc scenario on a new post

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