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    Suggest leaders for LPM

    no clue...
  2. Strangefancypants

    290 BCE Scenario [Beta 1.8]

    you can always go to those videos like "history of italy every year" or "history of the world every year", however those dont provide as much information when i comes to tribal areas or places where there are no real civilization, so you probably want to look at more in depth maps in wikipedia
  3. Strangefancypants

    Make Ultimatums More Risky

    well no, i dont think it should auto provoke a war, maybe worsen relations by 50 and if there is ever a casius belli (reason for war) update then the ai should get a casius belli
  4. Strangefancypants

    290 BCE Scenario [Beta 1.8]

    You need to fill more of the map, also there in the south of the Italian peninsula are far more nations then just that single one same with Anatolia, and you used 1922 Egypt instead of Ptolemaic Egypt. No hate just helping
  5. Strangefancypants

    How can i create a new gouvernament type

    go into aoc2's files, then game, then open up the goverment notepad tell me when you get it
  6. Strangefancypants

    Can i add a new ideology

    I already know the whole thing about editing rebels, what i'm wondering is if I can make a whole new ideology from scratch.
  7. Strangefancypants

    What is Campaign Scenario in Earth 364 Prov.?

    its probably just a test
  8. Strangefancypants

    A problem with dysentry

    1. you cant as there is no vaccines or cures in the game 2. but if you really want to get rid of it you can always just go in the game files and delete it
  9. Strangefancypants

    Game still dont working

    give us a prelude of what you did
  10. Strangefancypants

    Political Parties?

    Ahh i see so what will the update be called "HOI4 Update"?
  11. Strangefancypants

    The strength of the troops. Łukasz Jakowski look!

    Guys, it was a rhetorical question i know how the Vietnamese defeated America. I said that as in i dont agree with the suggestion
  12. Strangefancypants

    Population boom

    You can sort of add that by increasing the population growth rate between an era
  13. Strangefancypants

    The strength of the troops. Łukasz Jakowski look!

    So why didnt america defeat Vietnam, they had advanced technology. I think the current combat system is fine tbh
  14. Strangefancypants

    Right-Wing MOD/SCENARIO

    How do i download this in real life?
  15. ive never had the happen to me
  16. Strangefancypants

    Wakanda 0.1. BETA!

  17. Strangefancypants

    The 13 Colonies

  18. Strangefancypants

    Naruto Mod

  19. Strangefancypants

    Naruto Mod

    GL, also make sure there are as much nations as possible not just the 5 nations
  20. Strangefancypants

    Difficulty in the game

    I cant seem to find a difference between easy difficulty and legendary can someone please explain the difference
  21. Strangefancypants

    Varieties of combat units (+Poll)

    sorry, stupid in my opinion.
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  23. Strangefancypants

    Suggestion for Ideology

    smart, never thought of that
  24. Strangefancypants

    Varieties of combat units (+Poll)

    Idea sounds stupid, i do however believe that your army should be a tad bit stronger if you invest in it, such as dumping tech points into army strength